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The Unnecessity of the Sex Industry

My latest video on my YouTube show ‘Celebrating The Love of Being’: The Unnecessity of the Sex Industry-

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To me, the sex industry is a flashy form of sexual repression.

This is my conversation of bursting the bubble of the illusion that the sex industry is ’empowering’ without coming from a space of shaming sex workers or clients or the anti-sex industry convo. Everyone is exactly where they need to be in what is right for them.

What I have seen missing in both pro-sex industry & anti-sex industry conversations has been some grounding in the reality of the impact of sex industry from one, & the shaming of sexuality from the other convo. I am in neither conversation & so I have a unique view. I come from about 10 years of experience of working in the ‘adult’ industry.

Moving forward, society having access to the conversation ‘the sex industry is not necessary’ makes a difference for me simply to bring forth. I believe people deserve better than the sex industry. I feel in society we push the dangerous lie ‘the sex industry is needed’ by telling people it’s ’empowering’ or ‘no one will love you’ & that to me is a cruel lie. Everyone IS love. In my experience love is innate, empowerment is from within and people don’t have to pay to pretend someone loves them. That is just cruel.

This is vulnerable for me to speak and come forward about my experience in the sex industry. It’s not an easy conversation for me to speak on and to me it is very important to share. I have nothing to fight, rally against or prove, I am simply sharing my experience. People deserve better than the sex industry, people deserve themselves.


Mindfulness in the Human Rights Conversation

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Mindfulness in the Human Rights Conversation Video

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