Man & Woman Source Life Together

Man and woman. Both life. Yet, we negate man as a part of life. We travel the length of his lingam to meet our mother’s body and mature. By the miracle of the two of them, and the extraordinary biology still laden with much mystery, we live.
Why do we continue to negate the life source that is man?
From the beginning of time there has been the love of woman, which is beautiful. Since before language was born. Continuing throughout history most of our literature was written by man and man has always loved woman. Heralded womanhood, protected woman, humbled by the being of woman and even exalted woman above himself as all things innocent in this world.
Woman has been the miracle of life…yet, why do we forget that man has been too?
For as a human female, I am not capable of asexual reproduction. Fact. If it were not for man, there would be no life. Man is just as vital a source of life.
As for the love of woman, why do we still question it exists as well? Our oldest poetry is all about how woman is absolutely everything. Predominantly written by man. How can we not see just how much man treasures woman and how this love for women has always existed?
Each existing in the fibers of each other, man and woman are life source together.

Day 28 of 100 Days of Loving and Celebrating Being

We Rise, We Rise Together
I have no fear in lifting up those around me
I have no fear this means I will be left behind
No fear my needs won’t be met if another is in gain
Another’s gain is not my lack
Nor is my gain another’s lack
When this visual comes to me,
I imagine helping each other climb a mighty wall
Each person linked to another
Hanging upside down, right side up to carry everyone up, up, up
When I see those running along the bottom
Jumping to drag the others down
Fearing they will be left behind if they do not go up NOW
They are afraid
But what is real is- we are the whole climbing fence of humanity
We are all climbing
We all have our place in the human linked fence
Up looks different for every body
Sometimes it looks like down
Those who leap and drag
They are a part of the fence too
We all go up the wall
Or none of us do
Frantic they are
Sometimes, that frantic can be soothed
Sometimes, that frantic needs to be shaken
All of it poised to touch the ground
And from the ground, we leap.
We Rise, We Rise Together.

I am a ripple
In a wave
That is
I sense ocean floor
Coming into now with fellow ripple
Cascading creating
There is no storm without we
There is no calm without whole
Tide rises
All in one motion