For so long I conflated my power with my violence. In this misconception I began to shy away from my power in fear I would hurt others. These last few days it’s become evident that is not the case. My violence was not my power, my heart is and always has been. My tenderness with myself and self acceptance is. My stance in my self respect is. My ability to see love even in places where it can be difficult to, that’s powerful. My innate power and acknowledgement of my innate power, is my sovereignty. Which is not a doing, it is very simply my being. I don’t have to do anything to be powerful. I already am and always have been.


Day 90 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Questioning the archetypal

Archetypes seem to be very powerful for humans. I know they are for me. Mother Earth for instance. Beautiful archetype and yet no mention of Father Earth or Cosmic Father.

I see Nature as Mother and Father Nature. If it is Mother Earth, then I see Cosmic Father. Or perhaps it is Mother and Father Earth.

Maybe there is even another experience that works for expressing such archetypes.

The point is, including the masculine, men, male energy in the archetypes of Life, the very core of our existence.

Man is life, just as woman is life. Both necessary for our creation.

Man is life.



The Return of Femininity:

Loving and Celebrating Men: