Self Love Is The Truth

Self-loathing is a lie and self-love is the truth. So many stories accumulated through life from society, from bullies, unconsciously even from loved ones during fights and those created by self. However, what is so cool about it all is, it is always a choice what to take on. Seeing these are stories and not the only ones.

There are nurturing stories also accumulated through life, from society, yes even from bullies, and deeply from loved ones and self.

Society doesn’t have all the answers, it’s just an accumulation of evolution and tradition finding its way. It is both benign and malignant because humanity is both. It is just an expression of ideas constantly evolving with no filter. This is what makes social expression alive and what begs social expression be challenged.

Bullies, while I am very clear in my boundaries that I do not have to take hate on, as the musician hears the space between the notes, so do the bullies accent the space between their pain dealing. The space between, that peace, is the space they do not allow themselves and so they project what they allow- pain. They live their pain dealing, every day, they give this to themselves.

Loved ones, well we fight, we love, we connect deeper through it all. Transmuting, evolving. That is love, there is no space for perfection in love.

Self, choosing which stories to live by, that is where the compassion and power is for me. Facing the reality that, I get to choose what I keep. I get to choose to really understand, more and more each time I meet with my dragons, that I get to choose. My shadow shows me all of it plain as day. Gives me wings to take a good sky view of it all. And I get to see the absurdity in its raw form. I get to see all self-loathing stories are lies. Very simple. Very clear. And the only truth is love. That does not mean I hide from the uncomfortable truths about me my shadow shows me, it means I do not get to use that to hurt myself. Rather, I get to use it as an awareness, I get to use that to grow, self care, choose the path of integrity and self love.

Not perfection, as a human there will always be the challenge of choosing between self love and self loathing. And, giving myself the compassion to allow myself to choose the truth, not the lie. And giving myself the compassion to be patient and understanding with myself as I practice.

Self loathing is a lie and self love is the truth. This is how I practice the integrity of self love and self care.

My heart knows, I am worthy and so I listen.



Do people really want peace?

Do I believe people want peace? No. Not beyond the superficial self aggrandizing ego patting conversations. Because peace takes self responsibility & self responsibility means being honest with self, & everyone wants to see themselves as the hero not the villain.

If I deny my shadow I deny myself my own love, I deny myself my own recognition of self as powerful creator. How could there possibly be peace if I deny my impact? I would much rather continue to challenge myself to embrace self responsibility. That is my peace.

Charnel Ground

I am on charnel ground. A place very few speak about, for it terrifies the anatomy to sight. An unrecognized sight in a society of normalized numbness. To connect with the body is wealth. The body poverty fed in disconnect I resist as I sit deep in this sacred ground, this undisguised purity calling me to be with mine.


Sexuality & Self Love

Sexuality is not a separate conversation from self love. To me Self love is the root of a fulfilled healthy life and that is inclusive of sexuality. It’s just not separate to me. Breath, shadow, body, erotic energy, sensuality, sexuality, is all life and aliveness. To me, loving self is loving all of me, exclusive of nothing.


Super Heroes

I love watching Super Hero movies they are just my favorite. I wonder if we get that archetype is us?! I believe we are all ‘Super Heroes’ of our own lives. Every one of us. I believe we are this incredible expression of Source. Inside, this massive expression of life calling out daily ‘See me!’. This call for sight often projected onto others or out into the world, yet the call is to go within! I believe the very map of adventure is us. No one to save. No town to keep safe. Just a powerful living journey being with self.

Do you see yourself as the Super Hero of you?


The path waiting in the shadow.

Most people will not intentionally place themselves in the face of hate. They run away from it. I run towards it. That’s where the alchemy is. That’s where the call is. I visualize it like shadows screaming at each other twisting around trying to find their way past each other in their confusion. All of it rushing around blindly seeking its way to the light. It’s all screaming for the path to love. Screaming ‘where is it?’, clawing to rise. Every action of the shadow is that scream. I can’t do anything about that but for myself. I can’t transform another person. That’s arrogant and impossible. I can love myself so fiercely I speak to my own shadow with love, ‘My dear, you are the path’. I’m that stand, once in awhile, another sees how if I love me, they too can love themselves. I feel it when that happens, when another person sees themselves with such love in a way they did not before think possible. I feel it when a person suddenly feels the innate love they are. When this happens, when they experience this, something that has no words shifts in me too. The most powerful gift to this world is self love. It’s the path waiting in the shadow.