Do you fear being misunderstood?

Each day more and more I’m losing attachment to shutting down my voice in fear of being misunderstood. Today I feel I am teaching myself this lesson. I will not shut down my voice. I need no agreement to speak. I would much rather touch the Source in me and trust that then hold myself shut for outer agreement. 
Does the fear of being misunderstood hold a grip on your voice?

The play is over.

In looking I’ve realized I have spent much of my life subconsciously looking at history like a play wondering where do I fit, what part is mine to take on? The thing is, the play is over. It’s over. I don’t have to follow a role. I can do whatever I want. It’s a worthwhile play to learn from, not a play for me to keep leapfrogging throughout my life in the name of preservation. Not to perpetuate it blindly based on the fear of perpetuating it blindly. 
Every part of history is mine. I belong to every single part of it as it is ultimately about humanity, this planet and its inhabitants. I am not separate from any of it. I am both innocent and guilty. Not from shame from awareness, self love and self acceptance. It is all mine. I belong. With that lesson in mind I am free. The play is over. Who I choose to be now is solely my responsibility.