But do I really need to?

But do I really need to? Do I need to stick my finger in the shotgun barrel? It just doesn’t feel like a fit for me anymore. It doesn’t nurture me. Apparently I have had to keep sticking my finger in the barrel until I just come back to, god I’d rather be the conversation of self love. Not for anyone else, for me. To nurture myself. Be the conversations of love that have made a difference for me in my life and continue to do so. Even debating the old division stories is still being a part of the division as I’m speaking into the duality of it. Why not just be the conversations of love I know are true for me? Better yet, why not just keep living them? Yup, pretty done sticking my finger in the shotgun barrel. 


Day 100 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 100 of Loving Men

Shine your heart

In all of the wonder of how to be, how to connect with men there is nothing to do but be the love you are and listen with an open heart. Shine your heart, shine your love, and be kind to you. In inner kindness the love can only pour forward onto the men in your lives. It starts within. Love you, care for you, the love will be unstoppable for all those around you.

For me in self love and self kindness I am before a woman, before I’m Black and Latina, before I am an age, or sexual orientation, I am a human. My fellow humans are a part of me. Men are a part of me. In loving men I find kindness to myself. There is no wall between me and men except for the one I made up with old ways of being. I am not perfect, that is not my claim. I am perfectly imperfect in the adventure of me. I choose to keep listening, keep loving

Thank you for reading 100 Days of Loving Men! That you’ve come this far in reading shows an awareness that took me decades to recognize. My hope is that it brought some love in your life and the sight that you are the love in your life.

We are all connected. We have the power of choice and voice. How we choose to use that power is up to each of us as an individual.

Stay tuned! I will begin my next series of 100 Days:

100 Days of Loving and Celebrating Being

Thank you for reading xoxox

~We Rise, We Rise Together.

Intimate Relationship as a Spiritual Crucible by John Welwood

The best piece of writing I’ve read in awhile. So damn real. All feels right. For me right now I take these words into my own intimate relationship with my self. I’m experiencing what they call ‘Bhoga’ as I am deep in the experience of my own charnel ground.

Intimate Relationship as a Spiritual Crucible