I fill my lungs and let my laughter boom through the air
Dependent on nothing
Merely to feel its reveal
Reverberate through my body
Pulsing from my belly
Thickening through my throat
To form its exquisite daring

Writing mine,

Artist unknown:


Verdant rush across naked feet
Untethered wishes moved to action
Vibrancy calling from my throat
Heart pounding its echo
Waves of pulse reverberate
Calling presence
Teaching me to listen with my body
To the song that can only be heard
By the hairs on my arms
Whose words vibrate through the stream of my veins
Ancient call wakes a knowing in me
I am here in its thrall
My body surrenders in prayer
To a dance which knows its home

What do I do with this?

These shreds of nothingness

Leading me nowhere but to the abyss

Promising ease

Promising release

But providing nothing but a stain

A ribbon turning in on itself

There are no bows

Just knots with frayed edges

Barefoot in a barren land

Echoes of thunder with voices of the dead

I search for the connection

All I feel is nothing

It’s dead in me

And I can’t tell if that’s good or not yet

Cuando me llama la locura

Cuando me llama la locura

Cuando me dice, ‘Mira, vuelve a mis brazos’

Grito, ‘No!’ y ‘¿Para que?’

Empieza a tocar su música

Cerquita voy en curiosidad

Toca mi mano con delicadeza

Me engaña en su baile y me muero un poquito cada canción

Pero te digo, es la muerte que me enseña como vivir

Asi que, con la locura

Yo me dejo hir

La pintura de mi corazon

Es todo lo que me vestiré


When the madness calls me

When it says to me, ‘Look, come into my arms once again’

I scream, ‘No!’ and ‘For what?’

It starts to play it’s music

Closely I go, in curiousty

It touches my hand gently

I am fooled in it’s dance and I die a little each song

But I tell you, it is death that teaches me how to live

So, with the madness

I allow myself to go

The paint of my heart

Is all I will dress myself in

Everything I have been experiencing just continues to bring me back to the simplicity of life and the deep richness of simplicity, the mighty language more powerful than human thought, that which is hard for me to word beyond the thick presence of life in the wind and the restless silence yet music of presence.

All that I need is between me and the trees.

Y así vamos

Montada encima de un elefanteQue me guía en el paseo abierto especialmente para mí 

Con fe me dejo llevar hasta el final de mi alma que suplica mi sonrisa 

Monto de luto de lo que no puedo ver 

Arrojar todo lo que no está destinado a ser 

Y todo lo que ha cambiado su presencia 

Todo por el bien de libertad

Siento mi ser se eleva, siento mis dolores de corazón en su tramo,

Come mi corazón se expande al amor

Pido a mis guías que me mostra

Pido su ayuda

Siento el campo abierto delante de mí

Y así vamos 

Riding on the back of an Elephant

Who guides me onto path opened especially for me

With faith I let myself be taken until the end of my soul which begs my smile

I ride in mourning of all I cannot see

Releasing all that is not meant to be

And all that has shifted its presence

All for the sake of liberty

I feel my being rise, I feel the aches of my heart as it stretches,

As it expands for love

I pray to my guides to show me

I ask for their help

I feel the open field before me

And so we go

Writing by me

Photo by unknown, black and white modification by me