Verdant rush across naked feet
Untethered wishes moved to action
Vibrancy calling from my throat
Heart pounding its echo
Waves of pulse reverberate
Calling presence
Teaching me to listen with my body
To the song that can only be heard
By the hairs on my arms
Whose words vibrate through the stream of my veins
Ancient call wakes a knowing in me
I am here in its thrall
My body surrenders in prayer
To a dance which knows its home


What do I do with this?

These shreds of nothingness

Leading me nowhere but to the abyss

Promising ease

Promising release

But providing nothing but a stain

A ribbon turning in on itself

There are no bows

Just knots with frayed edges

Barefoot in a barren land

Echoes of thunder with voices of the dead

I search for the connection

All I feel is nothing

It’s dead in me

And I can’t tell if that’s good or not yet

In the echoes of the rose
Holds the only sound benign
Fractured moments
Along the ache of the spine
Wilderness easing breath between vertebrae
Jungle child setting sight through textured cement
Firm ledge with soft glow
Reveling leaves cupping life 🍃
Civilization isn’t all its cracked up to be
Kristal D. Garcia
I normalize what’s not OK
Just so I can hide today
And in the slippers of this norm
Splinters blister my naked form
In the tremble of I am
Breaks station
Delegates formation
I rectify nothing
Laying claim
Free from para
Of the site
Agonizing no more sunder
As I feel the motion shiver
Dissipating into the blood of is.
That is trickle sounding to pour
Breaking chains onto floor
What was once my pacifier
Breeds itself a liar
It’s own purpose
To kiss liars lips and taste myself
Maybe there is a reason to not hide right now
And even though I know the cave will call me
Again as we dance the mighty requiem
I know too this path will show me
Here I am in other hand

I bathe in liquid you
Drenched in passion
Heartbeat rippling down spine
Pulse in ear
Every dimension existing in connect
Every dimension you
Every dimension me
I feel you solidly
I feel you as stardust
Reminding me of all I cannot grasp with words
Flashes of inner other worldly
Whisper me to the beginning
Before form
In form
This is our normal
Feels like home


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