Everything I have been experiencing just continues to bring me back to the simplicity of life and the deep richness of simplicity, the mighty language more powerful than human thought, that which is hard for me to word beyond the thick presence of life in the wind and the restless silence yet music of presence.

All that I need is between me and the trees.


What does the rain elicit in you?

To me the rain is a very special event. My body instantly relaxes as the rain begins to fall, even the promise of its appearance delights me. The way rain touches the bark and begs a new rich color to come forward. It’s adventure on the foreheads of the leaves 🍃 leaving them slick with droplets of daring. The distinct smell in the air of Nature drinking. Walking through the experience feeling cozy and cavelike under protective gear. Watching rivers, ponds, lakes and oceans 🌊 greet their dancing counterpart atop their surface. A party of ripples and leaping exclamations of water drops 💦 on water! The thick feeling of life, of water taking over. The excited screams of those abandoning silly reason and leaping onto the concrete with bare feet and no umbrella 🌂 the raw abandon of leaping into puddles then racing back upstairs to warm showers, hot cocoa and giggles. The screams and squeals thrilled by sudden lightening. The elonged silly faces exclaiming shock of thunder and whoops and laughter running around the house from window to window. I love the rain so deeply. It is very cozy to me. 
What does the rain elicit in you?

Words & Photo: Me

In the echoes of the rose
Holds the only sound benign
Fractured moments
Along the ache of the spine
Wilderness easing breath between vertebrae
Jungle child setting sight through textured cement
Firm ledge with soft glow
Reveling leaves cupping life 🍃
Civilization isn’t all its cracked up to be
Kristal D. Garcia

Day 3 0f 100 Days of Loving and Celebrating Being

Day 3 of 100 Days of Loving and Celebrating Being


My being is grounding. Simply by noticing the bottoms of my feet do I get the sense of of my own being. Simply with being I ground. I find when I am on a whirlwind of creation it is a very powerful experience. I take flight. It is this flight which fuels my inspiration. And I have found it vital to ground in the experience as well. Remembering the harmony I am allows me to fly while grounded in presence. This harmony I savor as I love and celebrate my being.


Day 92 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 92 of 100 Days of Loving Men
Love the wildness in man
I have seen the meme cycled frequently ‘It takes a brave man to love a wild woman’ or ‘Brave is the man who loves a wild woman’. I think the acknowledgment of the wildness in woman is powerful and beautiful and to be extended as the wildness of humanity. There is something very free beautiful and filled with wisdom in our wildness.
Here I want to give mention to loving the wildness that is man. This takes being present to wildness of self, centered from heart. I do not mean disconnected ‘wild’ as in drinking to unconsciousness, wildness is rooted in sovereignty and the innate integrity that is love. Freedom to be fully self expressed, freedom to be. I am wild woman.
No one needs permission for such freedom, the question is, can you be in the space of a man who holds such freedom? If not, perhaps there is something to look at within. Where one cannot acknowledge a man in this space, one cannot acknowledge self.
Brave is the woman who loves a wild man.

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Loving and Celebrating Men