Cutting Baby Boy’s Penises To Service The Elite.

I’m disheartened to find the devastating and violent unconsciousness in our society that even celebrities who I have come to enjoy very much and even respect like Oprah and Sandra Bullock are using face cream derived from baby boys foreskin. How many of these women are supporting #MeToo while supporting the violation of baby boys? It’s disgusting and it’s barbaric and this is the forefront and the effects of our blindspot on the empathy towards men and boys. We need to face this with education and information and make people aware of cutting the bodies of baby boys is NOT OK. We get it when it comes to girls. Can you imagine? People wearing face cream from FGM and supporting FGM so they can have their favorite facecream?? Well, we’re doing it here in America with calling for the body parts forcibly cut from baby boys for someone else’s ‘luxury’? I am disgusted and disheartened. While we look down at Africa as barbaric, who are we being right here in our own country?
Wake up America! Stop cutting baby boys to pamper the elite. This is straight out of horror movie. We need to stop laughing about this monstrosity and get aware. Globally this is a vital conversation.
#MenToo #BoysToo
I did not make this meme it was shared with me and it says it all with words and photo:

We Do Not Have To Silence Men To Support Women: Can You Hear Men’s Pain?

I face the unconsciousness that is aimed at men daily, by choice. I choose to do my work and get uncomfortable and look. I do not believe that speaking up about male victims means you don’t support female victims. That bizarre story is just NOT my world.

I also don’t believe that supporting female victims means turning a blind eye to men and our impact as a society in our conversations about men. I don’t believe that supporting women means shaming men, that is just NOT my world either and I have zero interest in it.

Speaking up about how we treat men as a society does NOT mean being against #metoo. What a bizarre concept!! That only ONE can be heard? NOT my world either! I will continue to speak up about male victims and continue to point out the unconsciousness and how we completely silence male victims by projecting that males are criminals simply for being born male. I stand by EXPANDING our conversations to include ALL victims and that means #MenToo

Can you see the innocence of men just as readily as you can see the innocence of women? Can you hear his pain as readily as you can hear the pain of women?

My god where are we as a world if we cannot.


To Hell With ‘Patriarchy’ Theory

To hell with ‘patriarchy’ theory. It was created by a white woman during the times of the Civil Rights Movement. How disconnected is that? This theory is based on her perception that men just want to dominate women. Well, that may have been her personal viewpoint, that does not make it a perspective to follow as truth.
The reality is ‘patriarchy’ theory has been and is being used to completely dominate men. We have used it to silence men from speaking up and disagreeing with being told they are innately criminals or their very makeup is ‘toxic’. We have used ‘patriarchy’ theory to silence male victims. We have used this theory to gaslight men when men say the theory is not true we have called men ‘misogynists’ for coming forward and sharing their pain.
LISTEN! Patriarchy theory so ingrained in blaming men for all the ills of the world, for their own victimization. This theory enables and normalizes violence towards men. Creates a sick justification of violence towards men because ‘well they invented patriarchy’. No. Some disconnected woman invented ‘patriarchy theory’ based on her panic driven view on society, men and herself. She wasn’t even connected to the female predator and female victims of female predators.
I am calling out ‘patriarchy’ theory as violence towards men. Men are told so much all is their fault, maleness is at fault, that men are left completely silenced when they are victimized especially by women. Men think they are the one’s who did something wrong when a woman raped them and they have no foundation in society to let them know, no, they are not at fault for their rape.
We must recognize that men too have suffered throughout time. We MUST listen to the voices of male victims. The lives of men matter, the pain and victimization of men is real.
Men your voices matter.