My Latest Video- Equality: The Importance of Men’s Rights

Equality: The Importance of Men’s Rights:


Happy International Men’s Day- You Are Loved

Happy International Men’s Day ❤
Dear men,
You are so loved and deeply appreciated. Your wisdom is beautiful and welcome. Your masculinity is beautiful, as your maleness is beautiful. I honor your heart, soul, mind, and body in recognizing you as a source of life, from a space of humility and respect.
I am grateful for all you have done and do directly or indirectly to keep me safe in my daily life. I’m grateful for who you have been historically as men are centuries of love. I recognize the sacredness of the protector you are which has been the root of much innovation, the reason we have a roof above our heads, electricity to keep us warm to survive the elements and live in luxury. I see the sacrifices you have made and make so I can live a life where I have the luxury of not even being aware of what you have given for my safety.
Beyond what you do, thank you for your being. Thank you for the nurturing tenderness you are. The beautiful groundedness clarity and playfulness. Thank you simply for being. Uniquely as you are. Thank you for the heart of you that shows up every day. Thank you for the warmth of your being. Honored to be in this world alongside you my brothers.
I love and celebrate you. I am honored to.

Mindfulness in the Human Rights Conversation

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Mindfulness in the Human Rights Conversation Video

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Acknowledging a person’s try

This morning I got to distinguish between someone being intentionally malicious and someone actually trying, even if my interpretation is they are being malicious. It’s all about the person’s intent. IF the intention is to be malicious then it’s not a try to me. However, if the person is coming from a space of compassion from where they are- even if in my view, from my filter, it may not seem compassionate based on my reality- then that to me is a try. And that’s when it’s time for me to step out of my own way and be in my own compassion and in this be compassionate towards them in acknowledging their try. That’s what I’m choosing. Oh boy is it confronting! Hahaha AND I’m up for the adventure!

Artist of painting unknown


Have I Internalized Misogyny?

Have I Internalized Misogyny?
I have been told that I have ‘internalized misogyny’ simply because I speak up about male victims being including in the human rights conversation. No. That is a downright lie I will not take on. What I believe is happening is those projecting this see only one gender as a victim so that view is being projected onto me as if I only see one gender as a victim. Absolutely not. Nothing could be further from the truth and I am really sick of this being projected onto me. I am creating a conversation of inclusion, how that is being warped into a conversation of exclusion is a gaslighting I’m not taking on.
I have NEVER denied there are male criminals and female victims, nor would I ever. If I were to say ‘No female victim/male perpetrator dynamics exist’ or ‘My voice as a female victim doesn’t really matter we need to hear men first’ that’s when YES it could be said I have succombed to the misogyny gods and have internalized sexism. But I have never and would NEVER say that. I don’t believe in ‘first’ when it comes to victims of violence being supported, I believe in- together. ALL victims matter and no victim should be kept from funding for supporting their healing or escape to safety. There is some bizarre scarcity mentality and hoarding sneaky lie that is underlying conversations denying male victims as if we don’t have enough resources to help men, yes we do. All we need is the awarenes and empathy to take the actions necessary so that men are not denied support simply for being born male.
I am speaking a conversation inclusive of male victims while shining a light on the blindspot on men in our society. That is opening the conversation to speaking on all victims and to recognize all victims need support. Otherwise, we are attacking innocent people simply for being born male or simply for being born female. I don’t believe in ‘man bad/woman good’ just as I don’t believe in ‘woman bad/man good’. I believe every human has the capacity for violence and the capacity for greatness. Violence is NOT gendered, violence is a human issue and the focus needs to be on supporting victims and criminals being brought to face the law. I believe regardless of political identity we can all come together to support human rights issues.
Once again, I know I stand uniquely in my conversation of inclusion in a society that is predominantly in denial of the importance of including and supporting male victims. To me everyone is welcome to this conversation regardless of political identity. I am also aware all humans, myself included, hear through a filter. I get people are unconscious, me too. I am making a very clear statement here that yes I am spearheading my own voice here and I get it does not fit the ordinary and I stand by my voice and my heart. I know my intentions and I will not be afraid nor silent anymore.
Photo by Max Nepstad for my feature by Gran Centenario Tequila speaking on my book ‘100 Days of Loving Men: A Woman’s Journey Into Recovery’.
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Kickstarter for my book ‘#100DaysOfLovingMen : A Woman’s Journey Into Recovery’ is now LIVE!:
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