The Rape Of The Goddess By Female Supremacy

I am pretty sick of seeing the term ‘Goddess’ used to hide and support female supremacy and say ‘the feminine is THE way’. When I see the term ‘Goddess’ misused as justifying self-serving bitterness and entitlement I am not impressed.
The sneaky ways of female supremacy are inclusive of sexual objectification.
By sexually objectifying men it creates an illusion of actually caring for or loving men or seeing men on an equal ground rather than looking down on men as there to ‘serve’ the ‘Goddess’.
Such as the fixing conversations projected onto men. ‘Let’s make men better’ or ‘men we need you to be better’. All very much based on the viewpoint that men need fixing to begin with. Not to be confused with each of us, man or woman, being self-responsible these conversations are based on women/ the feminine being primary and men/masculinity being broken women/broken femininity.
Often heralded as ‘enlightened’ these hateful or honeyed words misusing the term ‘goddess’ all lead back to the thread of ‘fix’ men and the delusion that women are entitled to be seen as supreme to men.
I’m not interested. I lived that illusion. I lived that lie and I fought my way out with a break free from hell ferocity. I freed myself from the scarcity mindset of supremacy as I do not see myself as inferior to men. Supremacy cannot be born without first the seed of inferiority. I’m not interested in ‘surviving’ off of hate and self-dishonesty, I CHOOSE to thrive in the clarity of the self confronting freedom of identity death and rebirth.
No. I’m not interested in the fantasies that divide me from men. No. I’m not interested in the bitterness and rage that projects all the ills of the world onto men. No. I’m not interested in objectifying men.
I happen to know the difference between honoring men and male sexuality and objectifying men and male sexuality.
I am also very clear it is a distinction that is predominantly lacking in our society and even in most conversations parading themselves as ’empowered’, ‘Tantric’ and ‘sexual freedom’ to name a few.
Female supremacy is a violation of man and masculinity. To speak into the archetype that is being used to excuse real life abuse towards men, these female supremacy ‘the feminine is THE way bow down to the goddess’ conversations are grotesque. Calling this a ‘Goddess’ conversation is farce. Female supremacy is a violation of the god.
Female supremacy is NOT a conversation of the Goddess, it is a violation of the Goddes and I will NOT stand by silently and watch.

To Value Men Is To Listen.

What I found was that to say I love men is precious, yet to let myself be vulnerable enough to sit in the dirt with my brothers is such a cracking open of my identity and the words I held onto. Even after years of looking, I still have to face the residuals in me of the worldview that has become so commonplace it has become a global blindspot on men and boys.

For instance, going to share a bit raw, #bringbackourgirls never once mentioned nor lamented the boys had been immediately brutally murdered. Why were they killed right away? This is the time old story of how the lives of males have been disposable since the beginning of humanity and the lives of women more valued. These criminals were also known to not go near the female dorms at all or tell the girls to go home and get married when they grew up while the boys were slaughtered like animals shot as they ran in terror.

The life of a boy was shown unable to be a strong bargaining chip which also shows our conversation as a whole as a society. It wasn’t just the criminals who killed those boys, I was made aware it was our lack of listening to the global reality of the violence enacted onto men. It was our lack of listening to the value of the life of males.

To ask men as a whole to say yes they are responsible for my personal abuse because they are male does not work as it is not true and also asks men to erase their pain and the pain of boys and men globally. It makes the distinction between man and criminal- which is not a gendered reality- imperative. Men are not criminals for being born male and so are not responsible for the actions of criminals because they happen to share their gender.

Just as I as a woman am not responsible for the actions of criminals because they happen to be women. We do not blame women for female criminals- actually as a society we are so sick in this conversation we even blame men for female criminals-we are clear in the distinction between woman and criminal. The detriment is we lack the clear distinction between man and criminal and this is literally killing men. I didn’t realize I didn’t have that distinction until I recognized it. It was a massive blindspot alleviated that forever changed my worldview and life.

I would assert there is a lacking of loving women until we see women as powerful and capable of action and a loving of men lacking until we see men the vulnerability and suffering of men. I’m not saying that from a make wrong but rather my personal experience.

To value men is to listen. To value myself and my voice is to listen as speaking is not complete without listening.

What I found was my ‘I love men’ statement and feeling was a beginning, yet for me personally- speaking for myself- I had only just began to peek through the looking glass.

And I found that nothing is as it seems.

Speaking Is Not Complete Without Listening.

Something interesting happened as I let myself take my voice for a spin, as I started to share my pain that I had experienced, something wild happened. I started to gently, tenderly, release myself from the fears I carried in regards to masculinity and men. Voice is vital.

I noticed as I spoke as I let myself explore my voice even though it didn’t meet what I thought was perfect, when I was met with the voice of men which had once intimidated me, which I had associated with deep pain and wounds and violations on my body, I heard something I did not expect, pain.

I saw in the eyes of men the same fear I had. I saw the scars on their bodies from women who had cut them, in a society where that was seen as funny. I saw the trauma reactions as their tears fell on my shoulders from pain of the abuse they endured that was not legally considered worthy of respite or safety. I saw men sitting right in the soil with me, right in the mud crying out in agony. I saw him eye to eye. A pain I had thought I had seen before but had no idea how deep it ran until I started to explore my voice and hear the voice of men right by my side.

I had placed men on a broken pedestal from my pain. They were bigger than life, gods that had all of the power in my perception. Because when I was victimized that was what I felt. I felt powerless. As I gave myself permission for my voice I gave myself permission to recognize the voice of men. To listen and ask questions to men. I saw my fellow human being not on the broken pedestal but feet to feet with me. Nose to nose. Our tears filling the same stream. I was so shocked.

All I thought I knew, had been ripped from under me. I hadn’t realized just how much men suffered by my side. Facing rape, abuse, silently like I had for so long. I didn’t realize just how scared they were to try their voice out just like me. Afraid to be met with hell just like my fears. I didn’t realize I had dehumanized men-speaking for myself- and in this saw them as not having pain in ways I’ve known. I had to be gentle, super super super gentle with myself as I faced my fears. As I faced myself.

What I found was this massive weight lifted, major fear moved in a way that felt like actually physically lifting off of me when as I spoke, I listened. In ways I didn’t know was possible. My fear of masculine and association of masculine with harm started to fade. My body no longer reacted the same fear way around men. My body started to relax as I was opening to really feel that I was not alone that men, my brothers, were right there with me in reaching for their voices to be heard in asking for their hearts to be seen. I cannot tell you the relief I felt. The freedom.

It started with me taking my very unperfect human voice and trying. No human is perfect I had to finally concede to this fact and not wait to be perfect to speak.

It is a mighty, powerful and confronting journey- The journey of voice. I know the journey of my voice I thought was just the journey of my voice. I found it was the journey of finding my voice and I was introduced to the vulnerable voice of men. I found my fellow human beings who I had hidden in plane sight without even knowing it. Pain, fear, anger, joy, all there being experienced with my brothers. Men right here in life with me. Our voices resounding together.

It sounds counterintuitive and in the journey of finding voice and being heard, which I did and I was, I found a new listening of myself, of men and of life. I had no idea how deeply connected finding my voice was to healing my relationship with masculinity, maleness and men. Whereas before I used to feel anxious around men, I found myself looking at the men on the train and my whole body relaxing and feeling safe because men were there.

I had been saying I loved men, and I did, yet I had no idea that to live it takes such a deep listening that confronted everything I thought I knew.

Your Masculinity Is Art.

Your masculinity is art. Your masculinity is life. Your masculinity is love. Masculinity, the essence of man, maleness. In masculinity also is the essence of protector which has been taken advantage of and objectified for so long. Protector nurtures, there is deep tenderness necessary to protect. Masculinity is nurturing tenderness deeply rooted. The history of man as violence is not the full story, as history shows and present day shows the deep love of man. Since the first man existed men have protected women, from nature’s violent tempers and beasts, even taming them to walk by our side.

The love of man is in the homes we reside in, the meat we eat, the farms we are nurtured by, the sewers that keep our cities clean, the oil rigs that dangerously run for us to use this very technology. The love of man is in the coal mines where men are working 13 hours a day their lungs being covered in black, their bodies dusted and painted with dominating coal thick and difficult to wipe off. The love of man is in the consistent desire to see women happy and safe throughout time. When we conflate the history of male criminals with maleness we are wrong. For men are NOT criminal for being born male. And men have fought criminals and established many kinds of order to keep women safe even at their own expense.

This history of man is laden with the sacrifice of man and for this to not be remembered I find to be a massive mistake. Men throughout history their lives were treated as indifferent, a man dying not a tragedy, a woman dying yes. To forget this is to not be connected with reality.

YES your masculinity is ART and it should NOT be taken for granted nor taken advantage of by anyone who believes the deep lie that maleness equates to criminality or by anyone at all. To equate maleness with criminality is a grotesque farce and a cowards way to avoid self.

Inspired by RO.

Dear Men, I Kneel At The Feet Of Your Pain.

Men are finally having the courage to come forward. To the men who have come forward sharing your pain, I hear you. Thank you for bringing your voice. I hear your pain, I hear what happened to you and how you are being treated by female predatory behavior. I am so sorry you were hurt this way. When I read your sharings I find it so painful that this has happened to you. I hear you! Your voices matter that you have been victimized matters, that you are shamed for being victimized that your ‘NO’ is met with violence! My god that is horrific. I hear you that you feel trapped. That if you say ‘NO’ to women you are met with violence and shame. I hear you. This is devastating violence enacted onto you and we must all listen. We must hear this. My god I am sorry you were hurt and I am sorry as a society we continue to be so painful in this discussion and resist listening.
I am sorry that there is so much pain being projected onto you, so much anger projected onto you when you come forward in a vulnerable space with your heart bared asking to be heard. To just, be heard. Thank you for being by my side and championing my voice when I’m in pain. Thank you for championing the voices of women as they come forward and holding them with such tenderness and humility. Thank you for your MASSIVE heart space that I see everywhere! Your being is beautiful. Thank you for kneeling at the feet of the pain of women for so long. And though you would never ask me to because it is not your way, I kneel at the feet of your pain. I hear you my brothers and I am so sorry that you have been hurt.
dear men

We Do Not Have To Silence Men To Support Women: Can You Hear Men’s Pain?

I face the unconsciousness that is aimed at men daily, by choice. I choose to do my work and get uncomfortable and look. I do not believe that speaking up about male victims means you don’t support female victims. That bizarre story is just NOT my world.

I also don’t believe that supporting female victims means turning a blind eye to men and our impact as a society in our conversations about men. I don’t believe that supporting women means shaming men, that is just NOT my world either and I have zero interest in it.

Speaking up about how we treat men as a society does NOT mean being against #metoo. What a bizarre concept!! That only ONE can be heard? NOT my world either! I will continue to speak up about male victims and continue to point out the unconsciousness and how we completely silence male victims by projecting that males are criminals simply for being born male. I stand by EXPANDING our conversations to include ALL victims and that means #MenToo

Can you see the innocence of men just as readily as you can see the innocence of women? Can you hear his pain as readily as you can hear the pain of women?

My god where are we as a world if we cannot.