Self care is community

We are a community of one. When one takes the utmost care of self there is radical movement into love. This is the base of healthy community. There is magic in that reconnect!

God, there is no enemy except the one I justify in me to keep myself prisoner to pain and illusion separation. I will not go to war, that is another illusion. Love is what creates.

Perception is in me. Everyone is powerful and innocent.

Love starts in me, in my selfishness, in my radical self care. Evolution is just a step inside accepting the greatness inherent in being. From there I can be. Self care is the most powerful action. Voice from this space moves mountains.

For me my radical self care is focusing on my health, including making a conscious focus on hydrating myself, body care, body connect and God, being joy! Being the possibility of joy and enjoyment!

What self care are you implementing to care for you and in this care for your community?

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