From Suicidal to Self Care

Good morning. Today’s video: From Suicidal to Self Care.
I’m making a video every day until the end of the Kickstarter to give you insight into the book and my voice.
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I’m starting to ask myself, ‘Where else is this the case? Where else is someone genuinely being compassionate based on how they perceive the world and I’m judging it based on how I perceive the world and making their try “Not enough”?’ If I judge someone’s try as ‘not enough’ then who am I being in relation to them? A try is pure. Just because it doesn’t fit my perception, doesn’t mean it’s not pure.

A try is pure and compassionate and loving. Where the hell do I go to smash on something so pure? What drives that? I don’t need to impart knowledge. I can share my knowledge and I don’t have to be so attached that it’s received. That’s the freedom I’m giving myself. As I feel solid in my knowledge, I’m just becoming less attached to it. Not that I won’t share it, just that it doesn’t define me whether it is received or not.

Words: Me

Artwork: Alvin Epps


Day 5 of 100 Days of Loving and Celebrating Being

Open heart discussion
Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with Christina Hansen, NYC Horse Carriage Driver, Johnathan Lee Iverson, Ring Master of The Greatest Show on Earth and Sandi Bachom, author and documentary film maker. We’re pictured here at one of NYC’s stables in the midst of an incredible discussion that was pure heart and soul.
The worlds that Christina, Johnathan and Sandi spoke of were incredible to witness from the voice of their passion. The conversation itself I will share as soon as it is available. What I will share is the awe of being in such a space of passion for animals, human community and the connection of the two. I was so moved and inspired by the conversation that unfolded.
Remembering innocence, unity and self kindness were just a few of the topics organically expressed. To me it’s discussions like this that bring possibility while inspire creation and community. Open heart discussion is food for the soul and vital expression of being.
Photo copyright Sandi Bachom:

I’m not here to be liked or look good. I’m here to be. In this, as my aliveness, I awaken to the remembering of my part of the puzzle in human unity.

I many times lay my head on the chopping block under Kali’s sword, serene, to clear my way for my purity to shine from within. I shine, even through my own human dirt, I shine.

I see you, I see your innocence.

I see illusions, justifications, fear security blankets fighting to wrap tight and survive. There is unconsciousness, there always will be, this isn’t wrong, it just can’t reign anymore.

Standing in our sovereignty, stepping into the inner fire that cleanses, our voice meets illusory blades with melting heat. Heat of heart ablaze. Made to burn past illusion, a call to heart.

See your power, drop the blame.