My latest video- Charnel Ground: PTSD & Sitting In Hell

Hell is personalized
With every discomfort
Fashioned with all the accoutrements necessary
For a ritual that devours time
It is a baring permanence
Naked in a wide open field
Grounds of tar
Air of fire
Blades of Kali
Deeply slicing seemingly impenetrable
Every pore screaming
Every movement a death crawl

And if you can’t reach out to grab my hand
Just know my spirit is here holding onto the soul of your palm
With a grip that will not recede
A firm hold that says
I know where you are
I only just peeked through this portal myself
I’m here at the door of Hell looking in
I see you
And though you may not need me to,
I’ve got you.
Even when the flames leave you feeling like you’re drowning
As they deliver what is dared

I found it not necessary in Hell to see the refreshment it is bringing
Having tried to, I could not
Worthless endeavor
Surrendering to Hell was the only glimpse of Heaven
Nor does surrender bring relief
Not this time
Relief is not Hell’s purpose
From the door as you burn
I see the kisses of flames
Leaving aura of clarity
By this threshold as I empathize with your pain
I celebrate your Hell
The Divinity of it’s purpose
The sanctity of it’s ritual
Solemn throat vibration
I honor your transformation
In solidarity, not resistance to,
I hold your hand in Hell