The Innocence of Feeling

The innocence of feeling.

Somewhere along the way a child learns by their parents what their relationship to feeling is. In a fully supportive home the child gets hurt and it’s a family even filled with love, empathy and kindness. Mother and father come to the child with tenderness, respond to the childs needs and when the child is sated mother and father return to business as usual. The child sees everything is fine and all has returned to normal. It is safe for the child to express it’s pain, it’s anger, it’s vulnerable feelings.

In most homes this is unfortunately not the case. The child is pushed back on receiving frustration for expressing themselves, or abused when they express their emotions. The child learns it is not safe to express emotions. Not in the least. Or finds certain emotions safer than others. The child learns how happiness may be the only acceptable emotion as it pleases their parents. Mother /father/guardians are gods to children. These are the big people who brought them life and watch over them.

When the child grows and is in the body of the adult still suffering these misconceptions brought to them by neglect and abuse the child decides no, emotions are not OK. Whatever emotion I am feeling must not be expressed. I am in the way or a problem for sharing my true emotions. It is not safe. My life is at risk. As this is what the child learned from their parents/guardians.

This is where I see inner parenting so healing. My own inner mother and father scooping up and creating safety, unraveling one tiny strand of programming at a time. This brings me to empathy for the little child in those of us that is replaying this old story of it’s not OK to feel. I see you little one.


Day 32 of 100 Days of Loving and Celebrating Being



Watching my inner child as it moves through the world I see a form of bonding it seeks. I find this is within me. Mother and father and child. This is my Trinity, as I am each within. I feel the energy of soil beneath my feet, rooting strong into the aliveness of Earth. Present to this deep self-nurturing and protector by self-Mother and self-Father I open to the freedom and connectedness, the remembering and play of inner child. Recalling that I am the bonding I seek, there is a stillness I feel that knows. A stillness that has always known and each time awaits patiently for my return.

This Trinity, this balance, harmony, centers peace within. Filled with nutrients of love, empathy and understanding of self, I am able to embrace my innocence and kiss it to breath. Savoring this truth, of bonding with the wholeness of my being, I feel the love, tenderness, reception and acceptance I seek flourish within. With this foundation the child in me is free to be in its wisdom, the pure wisdom only a child can hold, with the guidance, honoring and experience of the adult I am. A gentle joy tingles through my being. I am satisfied.


Day 91 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 91 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Receive and celebrate Father energy

Some have not met their Father, or their relationship with their Father is strained. It does not mean that Father energy is not available, it is everywhere. Receiving and celebrating Father energy can be very healing.

I did not meet my Father, as I have mentioned previously. Once
I let go of my expectation for my Father to look or show up a certain way or at all [I did the same for both of my parents]. I was able to reach a point in me where I hold him with love and honor as a vital part of creating me as Life.

I started to become aware of Father energy in Nature. Just being with the energy itself and really receiving what that felt like. I also enjoy Father energy in this world in observing when it comes present in daily life.

I am never without Father energy it is everywhere, in the Cosmos, in Nature, in the animal kingdom, in humanity, Father energy is everywhere and embracing with love, life and kindness.

Here is a beautiful clip of Father energy that while watching I just let in to really nurture the little girl in me:


In gratitude to Fathers and Father energy. You are appreciated, loved, received.


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