Cultivating Awareness

Not succeeding at something I realized my habit is to make that wrong. Making wrong is fine too and being present with feeling the loss. Yet something is actually there where I once perceived simply a lack. When I do not succeed, or when I gave up where I could have moved forward, I am not left with simply a loss. I am left with an awareness. In my ‘lack’, in my ‘loss’, in my failures, I cultivate awareness.




Failure is still one I am taking on as a lesson, it’s confronting for me. Which is fine. Confrontation is not the issue it’s how I relate to myself when I feel confronted by my own failure is what I am looking at. I am searching in myself to find my way through the reprimands I self indulge in, to the necessary adventure of failure and the aliveness even freedom in it.
What is your relationship with failure?