Rebel Soul Burlesque

And so my very own brand of Burlesque is born. Introducing: Rebel Soul Burlesque.




Celebrating Life

I started this morning dancing in a way I have not danced in a long time. Just getting lost in the music with all of my might. Really relishing the flavor of the music, the rush of aliveness in my body, the strike and fluid of movement, the call of the beat to my soul. Being one with my sensuality, letting go with my silliness, just pure play and joy. Dancing until I was leaping then dancing some more drenched in the sweat of pure aliveness. It feels good to get lost in the dance again and celebrate being alive!

Day 8 of 100 Days of Loving and Celebrating Being

My path is gold

It is so interesting as I just had the most amazing breakthrough. I saw how I have used comparison and approval seeking to shrink myself and my voice. I have looked at the paths of others, truths, ways of being as the ‘right’ way and have exalted another’s path. I used this pedestal I put others on to look down on my own path as broken and not good enough.

But then I started to realize, my path is gold. It doesn’t look like anyone else’s path and it never will. No two paths are the same. That is the very unique expression of me to embrace what is truly my path. This is me.

It’s from my own golden path I speak my voice. My wisdom. My knowledge. As a writer, as a dancer, painter, mother, being. I am an artist of life and my voice is my paintbrush. Whether I voice my body, my words, my being. It is mine. I will not shrink my expression in search of approval or in comparison to another’s path. Standing in my full being, this is how I love myself.

Your path is beautiful, unique, yours. My path is beautiful, unique, mine. Neither needs to be ‘fixed’ as neither is broken. We are already connected in love as we are love.

I so get agreement is not necessary for me to embody my bloom.


My Kickstarter is up! Loving and Celebrating Being

Hello everyone! I’m very excited to announce I’m creating my first NYC Event!
Kristal Belle Productions Presents: Loving and Celebrating Being. I am Producing, Writing and Performing. My performance piece is Fan Dancing, the video shares more.

I’ve started a Kickstarter and I would very much appreciate your support. If you could please also share this I would greatly appreciate it!

The direct Kickstarter link is in the video below or you can access it straight here:

Thanks so much, I am so stoked!


The travel

The travel

Long embroidered robes

Languid follow

Across rich dark earth

Honored soil clings

Darkens vermouth hue

Peppers golden shadows

Boots step into confident curious stroll

Hat explores commanded by eyes

Drinks town with finesse

Passing through

Lavish invitations from silent mouths

Raucous laughter spills generously

Fervent chases after freedom fighting fowl

Freshly baked pies

Rich smell of seasoned pork

Thunder of hooves pass

But he heads towards the forest

Enjoying the town

Savoring it is

Breathing in it’s life

Momentary sustenance for path

Gazing eyes begin to question his presence

As they always do

Perfect timing

He has reached the forest door

Disappears with a smile

A town pauses

Unaware of what was missing

Now they will always know

It cannot be undone

Eyes wide



As the town burns

He hums a tune and sips his tea

When tea is gone his eyes does he close

Feels smoke of nearby village

Across moss robes follow

Pas De Coeur by Adam Hurst