Cutting Baby Boy’s Penises To Service The Elite.

I’m disheartened to find the devastating and violent unconsciousness in our society that even celebrities who I have come to enjoy very much and even respect like Oprah and Sandra Bullock are using face cream derived from baby boys foreskin. How many of these women are supporting #MeToo while supporting the violation of baby boys? It’s disgusting and it’s barbaric and this is the forefront and the effects of our blindspot on the empathy towards men and boys. We need to face this with education and information and make people aware of cutting the bodies of baby boys is NOT OK. We get it when it comes to girls. Can you imagine? People wearing face cream from FGM and supporting FGM so they can have their favorite facecream?? Well, we’re doing it here in America with calling for the body parts forcibly cut from baby boys for someone else’s ‘luxury’? I am disgusted and disheartened. While we look down at Africa as barbaric, who are we being right here in our own country?
Wake up America! Stop cutting baby boys to pamper the elite. This is straight out of horror movie. We need to stop laughing about this monstrosity and get aware. Globally this is a vital conversation.
#MenToo #BoysToo
I did not make this meme it was shared with me and it says it all with words and photo: