Charnel Ground

I am on charnel ground. A place very few speak about, for it terrifies the anatomy to sight. An unrecognized sight in a society of normalized numbness. To connect with the body is wealth. The body poverty fed in disconnect I resist as I sit deep in this sacred ground, this undisguised purity calling me to be with mine.




It’s very interesting to challenge my very perceptions as I continue to thrive. Shedding the habits of survival to take on the garments of thriving means second-guessing what I’ve found comfortable and what I have even defended as ‘nurturing’. I have deceived myself in survival mode to interpret limiting beliefs as ‘nurturing’ as for that time period those habits were ‘safe’. And survival is about perceived safety. However, as I thrive I see defending that which keeps me small is no longer a fit. I am grateful for survival mode bringing me this far and keeping me safe in its own way, and now I challenge my perception. I find myself seeing that what truly nurtures me, challenges me. Challenges me to trust myself, challenges me to believe in myself, challenges me to expand beyond my fears and perceived limits. This challenge to me is married with creativity.

Photo by unknown