The Rape Of The Goddess By Female Supremacy

I am pretty sick of seeing the term ‘Goddess’ used to hide and support female supremacy and say ‘the feminine is THE way’. When I see the term ‘Goddess’ misused as justifying self-serving bitterness and entitlement I am not impressed.
The sneaky ways of female supremacy are inclusive of sexual objectification.
By sexually objectifying men it creates an illusion of actually caring for or loving men or seeing men on an equal ground rather than looking down on men as there to ‘serve’ the ‘Goddess’.
Such as the fixing conversations projected onto men. ‘Let’s make men better’ or ‘men we need you to be better’. All very much based on the viewpoint that men need fixing to begin with. Not to be confused with each of us, man or woman, being self-responsible these conversations are based on women/ the feminine being primary and men/masculinity being broken women/broken femininity.
Often heralded as ‘enlightened’ these hateful or honeyed words misusing the term ‘goddess’ all lead back to the thread of ‘fix’ men and the delusion that women are entitled to be seen as supreme to men.
I’m not interested. I lived that illusion. I lived that lie and I fought my way out with a break free from hell ferocity. I freed myself from the scarcity mindset of supremacy as I do not see myself as inferior to men. Supremacy cannot be born without first the seed of inferiority. I’m not interested in ‘surviving’ off of hate and self-dishonesty, I CHOOSE to thrive in the clarity of the self confronting freedom of identity death and rebirth.
No. I’m not interested in the fantasies that divide me from men. No. I’m not interested in the bitterness and rage that projects all the ills of the world onto men. No. I’m not interested in objectifying men.
I happen to know the difference between honoring men and male sexuality and objectifying men and male sexuality.
I am also very clear it is a distinction that is predominantly lacking in our society and even in most conversations parading themselves as ’empowered’, ‘Tantric’ and ‘sexual freedom’ to name a few.
Female supremacy is a violation of man and masculinity. To speak into the archetype that is being used to excuse real life abuse towards men, these female supremacy ‘the feminine is THE way bow down to the goddess’ conversations are grotesque. Calling this a ‘Goddess’ conversation is farce. Female supremacy is a violation of the god.
Female supremacy is NOT a conversation of the Goddess, it is a violation of the Goddes and I will NOT stand by silently and watch.

The Ugly Underbelly Of Feminism

Me speaking up about the impact of feminism in relationships between men and women over the past over 100 years is not ‘antifeminist’. I am not an ‘antifeminst’. I’m a Human Rights activist who doesn’t stick their head in the sand.
I’m not saying ‘down with feminism’ just like I would not say ‘down with the men’s rights movement’. In supporting women’s rights, I support anyone being involved in that conversation regardless of how they identify. In supporting men’s rights, the same. Just because I am not a part of the feminist movement does not mean I do not acknowledge the impact it has had over the past 100 years, both positive and negative.
Like it or not feminism has been the main driving force in the women’s rights conversation. That’s a fact. I cannot pretend that is not a fact. Feminism has also been one of the main driving forces in the conversations between men and women as well, I can also not deny that face. There are many other factors to this absolutely, and to deny feminism has had a massive major impact in this would also be a farce.
Absolutely feminism has had a negative impact in the relationships between men and women. To say otherwise is to pretend the conversations of feminism has been benign. It has not. From it’s very origins with the suffragettes and suffragists, the origins of feminism was actually based on a hatred for the black culture, with a focus on the black man. I have written about this before and feel the need to revisit.
The ONLY reason the suffragettes were born was because an elitst group of white women were in rage over the Black man earning his privilege to vote. Susan B Anthony was an absolute racist. The suffragettes were aligned with the KKK and getting support from the KKK because their platform was to not let the Black man stand in his strength. The suffragettes were the more radicals who absolutely did not want anything to do with men nor work with men. The suffragists wanted to work with men and have rational discussion. The factions did not always get along. Regardless, there was deep racism in both. There were suffragists and suffragettes who were not a part of this, however, they were not met kindly. Especially -my heroine- the suffragist Ida B. Wells who was a powerful Black woman who could give a care less about the threats on her life, she saw what the suffragettes and suffragists were aligned with the KKK. Here she was seeing Jim Crow in action and watching the horrors enacted on Black men and women, the lynchings the rapings the brutalizations and dehumanizations, all while the suffragettes/suffragists went to the brutalizers- the KKK – and sat there with them getting funds from them.
Also the virtue signaling lie of ‘women didn’t have the right to vote’. First, voting is not a ‘right’ it is a privilege. Next, what women? The women who came forward were rich white eltisit women who didn’t even care about all white women. Many were WKKK -Women Of The KKK- who supported white women of poverty and white ‘promiscuous women’ being used as fodder for the KKK rape gangs. All women who were not part of their white elitist group were up for grabs. You call that women’s rights? Also, Native Americans did not receive the privilege to vote until the 1940s, not a peep from the suffragettes, Asian women could not vote either nor men. And the suffragettes/suffragists used black women and white women of poverty to increase their numbers. As soon as the privilege called ‘the right to vote’ went through the two factions of suffragettes that had been in opposition together banded
Do not tell me feminism is benign. Do not tell me the history of feminism is some fantasy of wonderful. It is not, it has never been. Including the conversation of patriarchy theory which was the thought child of a white woman during the times of the Civil Rights Movement and is so disconnected to even dream of ‘patriarchy theory’ while Black men were fighting to be treated as human beings. Men of all ethnicity – White, Asian, Native American, Indian and more -were all going to war and dying for the safety of women and many were still not able to have the privilege to vote because they were not considered old enough to. Enough with the virtue signaling and shaming of ‘women couldn’t vote’. That’s not teh full conversation and so it is dishonest. Also, widows with property were able to vote at a time where men without property were not.
The impact of patriarchy theory has been devastating in the ways we as a society have decided to scapegoat men and project all of our issues onto men. All the ills of the world and feel justified. Patriarchy theory has also created a massive divide in Black women and Black men standing together. Feminism never stood for the Black community. It just didn’t. To the point that Black women decided to give ‘Black Feminism’ a try in desire to rectifiy the situation.
So, if you are going to come to me virtue signaling about feminism I will kindly tell you- you are completely ignorant on the subject. I was a feminist for 13 years. Speaking the facts about feminist history and speaking up about what does not work when it impacts the human rights conversation is vital. If you really do believe in feminism, then you will recognize it can only evolve as a movement with critique. And I’m not holding my breath.
I stand with the human rights conversations themselves and believe we can all work together in them regardless of how we identify. In order to do that we must first be honest about the impact of feminism and ‘patriarchy theory’ in the conversations we have about men and how they have impacted the present atmosphere which flippantly supports hateful and hurtful conversations on half the planet -men and boys. I believe we as people can remember our natural state which is united community. Not to be confused with absolute agreement which is not feesible nor desireable. Disagreements are not wrong, it is who we are in the disagreements that make a difference. I absoulutely believe that moving from survival systems to thriving systems is possible and actually even unavoidable. That must take honesty about the impact of our conversations including our conversations on men.
Without this check in with reality, nothing shifts.

The Masculine & The Feminine

The social rule of women weaponized against man, I break it all of the time. It is not one I am here to comply with. I’ve lived it and then found the lie hidden in plain sight seated in the heart of man, waiting for me to wake up. The tenderness of man, sweet nurture in the breast of protector.
My ferocity, my fury, my wilderness was never meant to be weaponized against men it is my alchemy, my feminine howl sourcing deep from the molten in me, meeting the crashing waves, the tsunami in me. This audacity in me, this rule breaker, this laugh with the moon fire dancer, this wildcat is my galactic imprint moving my body, painting my songs, absolute surrender to ancient philosophy genetically spoken. This braved heart petal kisser, this bare toes kissing grass, this deep breath relaxation onto belly of soil. To bastardize this into a weapon against man to me is to disrespect and degrade the deep being of my womanhood.
I stand by the deep being of man, his wilderness, his cry out to the stars, his footprint steady and solid as the dust makes way for his feet, his whisper to the trees, his grounding, the gentle stroke of his forefinger behind the ear of beast who acquiesced. His mighty being, his vulnerable softness, his unapologetic unbridled passion laughing through to break the echoes of complicity baring a path that dares the known to give way to limitless possibility. The call in his heart of pure dare and care, his inspiration of self care retainer, the challenge in his eyes imploring one to choose rise in self sight and evolution, while resting in heart to pour waterfall of authenticity. He dares to break open worlds. To misconstrue his being as hindrance is to disrespect and degrade the source of life that is man.
What the protector protects is not weak, nor separate but his counterpart. Who always stands powerfully by his side. At times it is not she whom he protects but those who seek her wrath. No one knows how to diffuse and ground like the masculine. No one. He is balance.
Ready as co-creators, together seeding, birthing languages of discover stitched into the unconsciousness awaiting rebirth. Reviving portals gasping to be seen. Imagining from dreams to paper, to home, to breath. The vivid creative unstoppable force of expansion when man and woman step ground together. Each honored is paramount.
So, I will dance by the fire with my brothers and sisters.
Lest you call out to the feminine. You will meet her.
Writing By Kristal D. Garcia
Photo by Jake Davies:

Let’s Talk Patriarchy.

OK. Let’s talk ‘patriarchy’. I’ll start with the distinction between patriarchy & ‘patriarchy theory’ which has been grotesquely conflated to feed an anti-male agenda that serves no one. Plus ‘patriarchy theory’ is at it’s basis disconnected.

Patriarchy is where men have been primarily in power. ‘Patriarchy theory’ suggests this has been because men are just evil creatures lurking in the shadows that cannot wait to dominate women & there is a conspiracy to keep women submissive to men.

Men have been primarily in power based on the protector role of men because men want to see women safe. Both men & women suffered throughout history and brutally. Yet we erase the suffering of men with the farce of ‘patriarchy theory’. We have benefited off of the protector role that men provided and have even taken advantage of it.

In fact the spewing of ‘ down with patriarchy’ -which is actually the conflation of patriarchy theory with patriarchy- is very confused & actually advocates anti-male propaganda, hatred of men & silencing of male victims.

Women have absolutely dealt with violence & oppression throughout history. And, men have absolutely dealt with violence & oppression too. It has at times looked differently yet both men & women have suffered to support species survival, brutally.

When people say ‘we live in a patriarchy’ yet the context is actually ‘patriarchy theory’ it doesn’t work. In my experience this supports no one. Not women not men and definitely not community. ‘Patriarchy theory’ does not see women as capable and strong creators.

Women have had held influence throughout history & have been heralded throughout history as well. We are keeping women from the fact that while there has been oppression there has also always been a strength of women & men supporting women too.

‘Patriarchy theory’ turns blind eye to black slaves, Native American, Asian, & all male suffering. Men of all ethnicity, white, Indian & more were at war dying for the safety of women. Black men being hung & someone envisions ‘Patriarchy theory’?? No.

I believe we work together in awareness of the brutality of our history and deny no one their suffering then, nor now.

We must stop using these tactics to mute the voices of male victims and recognize we are not supporting women by doing this either, that is a farce. We are in fact feeding women a story that women are born to be victims. We are not, that is not our legacy we have been strong since the first woman as men have been vulnerable since the first man. I believe if we can recognize this there is a strong basis for working together to face what needs to be faced and support both men and women living safe, powerful and healthy lives. As a community, together.

We are stronger together. To face what doesn’t work, and cultivate what does.


Being misunderstood is such a trigger for me. I believe to many humans. Which makes me curious as to why. I have tons of stories for it yet ultimately I cannot possibly expect to be understood nor understand 100% of the time. It’s impossible. I cannot control that. So, in the space of feeling misunderstood or in the face of my misunderstanding, I ask myself, who can I be to myself right now? What if misunderstandings are important for highlighting where I can allow myself the gentleness of the love I am. What if misunderstandings are vital alchemy that shows me where to expand my self compassion.