No To Hate From A Space Of Self Love.

It is because my heart is open that I hold myself as sacred. This is not bravado, this is self love. Because I love myself I do not do violence. In my self love I am a powerful ‘No’ to hatred aimed my way. Mess with this ship there will be no mercy.

Know this.


No Matter The Hate I See, I Will Not Let That Shut Down My Heart.

No matter the hate I see and witness, I will not let that shut down my heart. I know who I am and I am love. I am every messy human element and I am love. Just as I believe everyone is, the alchemy of mess and love.

Even if people viciously forget they are love and viciously fight to prove they are not. It’s not my business. My business is simply to remember the love I am. To touch my own heart and keep it wide open. To not let bitterness stick, to not let hate win in me.

That is my work and I do it as I pour the remembering of who I am innately. I don’t mean when love is misused as a term for bravado, bypassing, arrogance and to silence or dominate anyone. I mean true love. Source.

I would rather be vulnerable than to ever shut down my heart and pretend that is strength. It is not. Vulnerability is strength as it is also a relinquishing the need for the bravado of ‘strength’. I know who I am, and that is all that matters.

I will not run from the courage to be the love I am. No matter what.


Relating With Fear: From Bravado To Trust

Fear often masks itself as bravado- false confidence. While I understand its purpose, I’ve touched on bravado, I find myself expanding beyond this self protection. For me I would rather dive deep into the waters of my fear from a space of exploration. Not stay long, just be present with the visit. Create a relationship with my fear so that I can be present with what it is telling me when it comes up. For me this is how I allow fear to take its path and transmute. Fear can show me a lot about myself. I used to run from looking at fear. Now I know facing my fear gently, allowing vulnerability in my relationship with fear, this is my self care. This is my trust.