Let’s Talk Patriarchy.

OK. Let’s talk ‘patriarchy’. I’ll start with the distinction between patriarchy & ‘patriarchy theory’ which has been grotesquely conflated to feed an anti-male agenda that serves no one. Plus ‘patriarchy theory’ is at it’s basis disconnected.

Patriarchy is where men have been primarily in power. ‘Patriarchy theory’ suggests this has been because men are just evil creatures lurking in the shadows that cannot wait to dominate women & there is a conspiracy to keep women submissive to men.

Men have been primarily in power based on the protector role of men because men want to see women safe. Both men & women suffered throughout history and brutally. Yet we erase the suffering of men with the farce of ‘patriarchy theory’. We have benefited off of the protector role that men provided and have even taken advantage of it.

In fact the spewing of ‘ down with patriarchy’ -which is actually the conflation of patriarchy theory with patriarchy- is very confused & actually advocates anti-male propaganda, hatred of men & silencing of male victims.

Women have absolutely dealt with violence & oppression throughout history. And, men have absolutely dealt with violence & oppression too. It has at times looked differently yet both men & women have suffered to support species survival, brutally.

When people say ‘we live in a patriarchy’ yet the context is actually ‘patriarchy theory’ it doesn’t work. In my experience this supports no one. Not women not men and definitely not community. ‘Patriarchy theory’ does not see women as capable and strong creators.

Women have had held influence throughout history & have been heralded throughout history as well. We are keeping women from the fact that while there has been oppression there has also always been a strength of women & men supporting women too.

‘Patriarchy theory’ turns blind eye to black slaves, Native American, Asian, & all male suffering. Men of all ethnicity, white, Indian & more were at war dying for the safety of women. Black men being hung & someone envisions ‘Patriarchy theory’?? No.

I believe we work together in awareness of the brutality of our history and deny no one their suffering then, nor now.

We must stop using these tactics to mute the voices of male victims and recognize we are not supporting women by doing this either, that is a farce. We are in fact feeding women a story that women are born to be victims. We are not, that is not our legacy we have been strong since the first woman as men have been vulnerable since the first man. I believe if we can recognize this there is a strong basis for working together to face what needs to be faced and support both men and women living safe, powerful and healthy lives. As a community, together.

We are stronger together. To face what doesn’t work, and cultivate what does.


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