I am love. I see you are too.

It is so painful to consistently be in the face of such hate, such pain. To be met with such intense vitriol. Or to be completely ignored. To be threatened and mocked for being love. It hurts. It hurts like hell. I ask myself, why bother? Why keep trying? Why keep doing this? The answer I keep coming back to through stinging eyes with dried tears, is I just can’t see another reason for being on this planet besides being love. I can’t imagine a more worthwhile battle than standing in love. And I don’t kid myself, sometimes it’s a downright battle. That battle is in me. That battle is in my stand when I say yeah, you are worth love and it’s ok to stand for that.
When I am faced with another persons self hate identity I stay for as long as I can to stand for them to see the love they are. 

When I create memes about being love I’m not just talking about blissful moments of being or the inevitable unshakable joy that comes from the remembrance that I am innately love. I also speak of the battlefield. I speak of the warrior of my heart. I speak of the multitude of conversations I involve myself in. The places of pain and hate I deliberately put myself inside of to be and remind Love. I speak of the deep body shaking tears of hearing a person shake off the self hate identification and get yes, they are love and they are worthy of love. Starting with their own love.

So though my words may be minimal at times, the power behind them is inevitable. I stand in love. I am love. And I see you are too.


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