Self responsibility in scapegoating

I feel it’s vital to for me to keep breaking up and confronting my part in scapegoating. To keep looking at the part I play as to me scapegoating is the destroyer of human connection, compassion and intimacy. I would rather keep unraveling that desire to find where the thread leads me.


One thought on “Self responsibility in scapegoating

  1. about 4 hours ago, a good friend of mine for over a year– well, i got tired of getting blamed for everything. double standards, bad moods that have nothing to do with me– she invents wrongdoings and i get blamed.

    i gave up. i mean ive given up before and gotten back to her, we have mutual friends is the thing, but i wish i didnt have to deal with her anymore. i really do. maybe i wont, this time. i always admire the sort of person you recommend (and try) to be.

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