Can you see?

Objectification cannot exist without first a disconnect from the heart. To be able to look at the nude form and see it’s expression of deep vulnerability, innate innocence and purity opens up the door to see and experience this in self. Can you see his heart and purity? Do you see life force expressing itself? Or do you just see flesh to be ‘done to’?



2 thoughts on “Can you see?

  1. Simon Farrow says:

    Hi Kristal, a reader from Cardiff, Wales, UK here! A middle-aged man, listener to honeybadger radio since 2014, and a lover of history, philosophy and of just being! Oh, and also of dancing which I have thoroughly indulged in last three years…Have been looking at your videos since just dec 2016. This short article seems to me to go to the heart of so much about being – are we only objects or are each of us an embodied manifestation of eternal being?!
    Your videos and blog, and radio appearances, certainly come across to me as manifestations of a beautiful soul! Simon Farrow.

    • Thank you for saying so Simon, deeply felt. Embodied manifestation of eternal being, powerfully stated. I find I have to remind myself every being is sacred. Dancing I’ve found to be a wonderful soul expression.

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