It’s really not up to them to reach out, they can’t always do that. It’s up to us to reach out.

Just a note to share how important it is to reach out to each other individually, see how people are doing. When people are suffering it takes everything they have just to get through the day. They do not have the strength to reach out to you. Who haven’t you heard from in awhile? Who haven’t you connected to lately? You never know how they are. It’s amazing to see everyone doing amazing and not everyone is. It’s great to see everyone’s powerful accomplishments you guys rock! Where can you bring that pure beautiful rockstar energy to another’s space too?
Again, not everyone has the strength to reach out. Making a phone call can feel like picking up a ton of bricks when someone is down. Community can make a BIG difference getting together to visit someone and asking people what THEY need, not from what is convenient for us on our time but what that person really needs. Allowing self to be slightly uncomfortable and accommodating someone else when another person is down and giving them the space can make all the difference. It’s OK to be uncomfortable and do things that may be slightly inconvenient to be there for another human being. Perhaps organize people getting together to help someone with their errands, housework etc. Creativity can produce all sorts of new ways to be there for each other. Getting our hands dirty to support one another and step into another’s world makes a difference for a person who barely has the strength to get through the day. Hard times can make a person feel isolated and alone. It’s really not up to them to reach out, they can’t always do that. It’s up to us to reach out. It takes a village.
Doing the work to pull together and be there for someone makes a huge difference for people. Maybe it’s inconvenient and be grateful you have the capacity, another may not. Coming from a space of non-judgment and compassion, being in service to each other is another part of community.
Anyone you haven’t heard from recently? Who have you reached out to today?

One thought on “It’s really not up to them to reach out, they can’t always do that. It’s up to us to reach out.

  1. this is all so true. its still good if theres a secret signal though– if your friend walks over to you (obviously this shouldnt be taken entirely literally, as your friend may live on the other side of the continent) and you look in each others eyes, and see for a moment a glimpse of what theyre going through.

    you couldve missed it, because they havent got what it takes to burden anyone this time. or maybe you were looking, and you noticed.

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