Trump Supporter

I have seen so many people disruptions in close relationships with people near and far from me due to the politics recently. I shared this intimately and I am sharing it here:

I wrote this before and I will say it again. Be careful with lumping people into an ‘enemy’ because they disagree with you. I shared this before and I’m moved to share it again. I’m seeing a lot of hate being spread about Trump supporters while people are saying they stand for ‘peace’. When you say those things you do realize you are talking about me, right? It’s easy to disassociate and make major claims about groups of people and not see you are talking about your friends, family, neighbors etc.

Careful, that is dehumanizing. And when we dehumanize we justify dismissing and shutting down each others voices and being down right vicious. When we start making absolute agreement a requirement for relationships we cease to be humane. I do not deserve to be treated with hate. I am your friend. Don’t forget who you are talking about when making generalizations. I’ve seen some really heinous things said about me as a Trump supporter. Do you remember who I am? Kristal. Do you remember the people around you? They are not Trump nor Hillary they are themselves.

I would love to see the stand for peace and love everyone is talking about as I have not seen it yet. The stand for peace and love is in possibility, not putting each other down. When we create a new conversation in the midst of conflict, that’s when things move. That is living in possibility.

What possibility are you committed to creating in the world? Can you do it without an enemy? I ask myself these questions too, as we are only ever talking to ourselves.



2 thoughts on “Trump Supporter

  1. you are so beautiful and this is such a beautiful post–

    ive gotta ask though, why trump? for you, i mean? i didnt vote for him. i didnt vote against him, either. i think democracy is a good idea though– we should have more of it, so long as its constitutional.

    • Thank you and for me to go into the many reasons is just exhausting to me at this point, I’ve been doing a lot of that. The bottom line is whoever anyone votes for I truly believe everyone votes from their hearts. Regardless of whether I agree with another’s choice or not, I believe they believe in what they choose.

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