Challenges are a sacred space,
Treasure to be mined.
Revealing mirror to face,
What I hoped to find.
To see in all my seeking,
Things just fell apart.
As struggles started peaking,
Here I found my heart.
For all of my frantic searching,
Dark nights of my soul.
Each time it rises lurking,
Journey of diamonds through the coal.
Though, yes, hell has many faces
Always I do find
This is the path to my own heart,
A quest yielding much gold in kind.
For I am the very treasure.
My quest? Excavate.
And every agony measure,
Holds love for my plate.
Cornucopia of sadness,
Soil gives its fruit.
In the dance of life and madness,
Passion finds its root.
When the mine may lean to collapse,
It is fortified.
Through vulnerable handicaps,
No part is denied.
For miracles look like darkness,
When digging through earth.
Though I’ve found that in this starkness,
I touch my heart hearth.
Knowing myself as love is worth
Every challenge here.
For I always return to mirth,
So presence take ear:
Grateful for the fears that call me,
Vividly awake.
Grateful for the tears that fall me,
Don’t hide for my sake.
Feeling what is broken here now,
Embrace as a strength.
Knowing I am whole in me now,
Loving me in length.
It’s OK I may be weak now,
I’m not always strong.
Yet victim I am not, I’ll say.
My gold, yes, is strong.
Gifts come in shapes of challenges,
Or gifts come as joy.
Either way what I have found is,
It is treasure, gold, they deploy.
Kristal D. Garcia15319283_608721012645808_409079011325465206_n

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