Attachment is a form of domination. If I am attached to what you think of me, or of you being in my life there is some suffering currency there. Some form of illusion of control. I cannot control whether you choose to be in my life or not. I can only love you and accept. I accept you here in my life with love and I accept you not here with love. And when I do not, I accept my own humanity and let the pain open me so I can see myself. Ultimately, words of goodbye or not, I know you in my cells and I cannot disappear what is energy, as energy can disperse and is never destroyed. It’s like being in a seven by seven by seven foot ‘room’ and moving an article that is by my side to seven feet away then saying it no longer exists. Goodbye or not, we are each ultimately still on this very planet or on the planes nearby and far away. We will meet one day again, as energy returns to energy or before then if we choose to step out of our heads and into our hearts.

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