There are so many ways to express sexy. To me sexy is a being, an aliveness. I get connected to my sexiness during Burlesque, in my sweats and sweater, or smelling the rain, painting,poetry, in a breath, eating, laughing, feeling the breeze, grass on my ankles, sitting close to a fire and so forth as well as allowing the creativity of it express through my body. Sexy to me is life force. Sexy is so pure to me.
Purity and innocence is the only way for me to look at and be with sexiness. I’ve shamed it for so long, thought it was something else for so long. Confused and collapsed it with unconscious lust and disconnected people pleasing. I am free in it now. Every expression of sexy. I will not hold shame in my body. I will not hold shame in my art. My very being, life, breath, body, spirit is art. There is nothing unpure about it. I celebrate all of me as I stand in my innocence.

2 thoughts on “Sexiness

  1. sdcannon says:

    This is very sweet 🙂 It really does come from inside and it’s something different for everyone. In themselves and others.

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