Who am I?

A song. Letting go of perfection, to express.

Who am I? [Lyrics]

A simple question
That I ask myself
From gasp of revelation
I inquire to the depth of exist

I have ripped apart
The identities I’ve suckled
I have fought hard in the arena
Of my own disguise

As I tend the gardens
That have called me
As my body divulges all
My illusions have muted
I sit in the luxury of my own love

Who am I?
I am who I am as I sit before the ocean’s arms
Who am I?
Naked on the sand as the foam dresses me
Who am I?
Arms to the sun as my heart beats with the unseen coral
Who am I?
I am one and one is me.

I find myself here
In the richness of my being
Freedom is here
In the sovereign of I am
I embrace myself in all of my glory
I love myself
This is my prayer


The Universe
Is my song
The Galaxy
Is my Motherland
This soil is
My skin
I am just a breath
In the winds of time
Eternity is in my blood
I am that I am that I am
This miracle
This life
Is magic
I accept this treasure
I am worthy



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