Push me away

Push me away
In the hiccups of forged silences
Closed walls
Imposed stories
Blatant projections
There is a flower
With petals of feather
In the sorrow of discard
The emptiness of avoidance.
I feel it.
I feel it all.
I am alive.
I am a person.
My sensitivity aware.
I have lost to the fight of right
Shut me out
Be right about me.
You win.
I collect my disappointment
Eyes burn with tears of shut doors
I know I will let go of knocking
Let go of holding on to the handle
Of trying to get in.
I have done my penance.
I will suffer this no longer.
I can’t wilt in the hope anymore.
In the knowing of me I recall I matter
To the one person who matters above all else.
It is in my own lap I find God.
In the thump of my own heartbeat I know love.
It exists only in me.
Of that I am clear.
Voice echoes into the empty night.
Across my chest I feel my own call
All I can do is respond tenderly
And let go.

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