So proud of who I am today
Of where I’ve come from
To come to where I am
Who I am
I am deeply moved by who I am
I have this deep sense of experiencing me
Just in awe
These feet have taken me to so many worlds
And back
And back
To be here
Right now
I am here right now.
In the motion of where I’ve traversed
Through firelands and swamps
Through fields of fog and flowers
I am here.
I am in wonder of my own will
I am touched by my own desire
To be with me, to know myself as love
To love me
Know me as pure
Rooted in my innocence
To live my art in my being
This sweet freedom
Trickling warmly from my eyes
I am here
With open arms I hold myself
In the love I am
I love me
In this sweetness I am whole
14124416_561629694021607_3047638211441124145_o - Edited

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