Day 39 0f 100 Days of Loving and Celebrating Being

Being present to fear and the shift to love

This is called self-forgiveness. Actually getting present to the fear and not avoiding it is really bringing me present to the capacity to be with it and hold it as a signal to practice remembering I am love. Getting to look at my mistakes not from punishment or shame but from a place of ‘OK, that doesn’t work. I love myself, that’s not who I am and now I can make the shift back to who I know myself to truly be.’ Not fix myself, there is nothing to fix. Get aware, bring myself back to love, forgive myself and learn. Punishment is not the answer, it never is. That just takes me further down a windy road away from love and away from my true self.

Getting present to the purity of my being, I forgive myself, stand in freedom and return to love.



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