Before opening my eyes this morning I woke up with the question, how can I be of service? I then heard of the horrors in France for which my heart hurts. The tragedy that has touched those who are French, the events of the past couple of weeks in the United States, my heart is heavy. My deepest love reaches out to all of those effected personally by these tragedies and to all those hurting as we are all connected.
I look at my daughter in gratitude that I woke up safely with her by my side and safe as well. I know I am not helpless and the difference I can make during these times is being humble in service. Bringing love to every interaction, stories/judgments are just not more powerful than love. Getting connected to people even just in passing on the street.
I love you and I am grateful you woke up this morning and are safe.
 13507097_538739429643967_3617293783756058837_n - Edited

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