Day 33 of 100 Days of Loving and Celebrating Being


I’ve opened up to the experience of being generous with myself. Which is a new way for me to look at generosity. I’ve seen it as an inward or outward experience from me to someone else, from someone else to me. This new view is being generous with myself.

Allowing myself to experience and express authentically what is present, even if it doesn’t look good. Getting really honest with what is going on for me, to myself. Looking at my own needs and questioning what I need from myself to fulfill on my needs. As only I can ever know what my custom needs are.

In being generous with myself I give space for unscripted humanity. In every flawed, un-good-looking way. Allow myself to express emotionally what I am feeling. The tenderness of disappointment, hurt, the tingle of excitement of creation, protectiveness of anger, the tiredness of my eyes fighting themselves awake for a little bit longer, the nipping fears of ‘what if?’, relaxation of acceptance of mess and moment. All seasoned in my internal state.

I choose generosity as I hold tender the very human ways I humanly am.


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