It’s only in the darkest waters
Drinking milk of mercy from breast of Kali-ma
Holding me in her many arms
Cutting away illusions
I return to the rotted and neglected root
Replenish, nurture, massage it back to willingness
Guide with wet hands
Dive into coolness
See the shining nickels at the bottom of the pool
Brought into arms of Shiva
Mother Mary leaning close
Maiden of plenty strokes my hand
Blanketed in pink clouds
Looking into the mouth of loneliness
Smelling its breath
Knowing it’s infancy
Feeling inner stream
Facing the whispers of a plane
Cradling each orb
Abandonment is the perfect delicacy for rich crops
Collected myths held with love
Fertilizer for what is and is yet to come
For I am reminded
This is the journey I chose.


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