Day 10 of 100 Days of Loving and Celebrating Being

Savoring the day

It was a beautiful day today here in NYC in the late 60’s. The rainbow icy man set up, ready for the crowds. Jubilant city dwellers daring to shake off hibernation, if only for a day in this unpredictable Spring weather. Smiling faces, alive human connectivity leaving the air fresh with excitement.

Walking down my steps slowed down with nowhere to rush to. Sitting on steps soaking in the warm patch of sunlight. Eagerly peering at the buds on the local vines. Soon they will be in pure violet bloom swaying, their leaves colliding in gentle song.

Bloom daring patches of earth in the concrete. Placed with care to illuminate. Walking among the flowers is the most beautiful luxury. Sweet as truth they dance with the same warm breeze which touches my cheek.


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