Loving and Celebrating Men: My Journey



8 thoughts on “Loving and Celebrating Men: My Journey

  1. Shahar says:

    Acknowledging men’s humanity is so rare.. It’s labeled ‘sexist’ even if female worshiping is accepted and encouraged. You are going against the social stream, Kristal. I appreciate your courage and wisdom.

  2. John Wright says:

    Thank you very very very very very much.

    I am surprised to find this place where we men are acknowledged by women if not desired. I am satisfied that at least few women are acknowledging us for our other qualities which ofcourse compensate the lack of our gender attractiveness or appeal to the opposite gender no matter how handsome we are.

    woooo. I wanna live in the presence of woman like you. I guess we are no doubt undesirable but its okey at least we are being acknowledged for other things.

    Thank you

      • phenom says:

        Thank you a lot.
        I am planning to change my gender (male to female). Even I researched a lot. Many women say male body is ugly and men are not attractive and their own gender is attractive. I am despaired. I am devastated. I have this doubt whether women find men attractive since when I am 6 or 7 years old. Because its always men who are attracted and intereseted in women very very very much but vice versa is always a dream for men. Some times I wanna sleep with a gay men to feel desirable physically (I am not talking about emotional side because women tend to always talk about it when the subject or question is about physical attraction/lust. Even men feel emotional attachment) . But how long can I be with gay guys and be happy when I am straight. I an so much despaired and disappointed and feeling sad and thinking to commit suicide countless times every day from many years for being a man. I feel its undesirable to born as a man and the greatest silent punishment which cant be shared clearly without being seen awkward. Finally sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many women told we are ugly by default and their own gender is attractive to them. Emotional attachment is felt by even men too. But where is the raw lust in women for the opposite gender.I am not talking about sexual desire here again. I am talking about sexual attraction. I mean a man can sleep with another man and enjoy sex in dark with out sexual attraction. Women seem to be like this when they sleep with men. Women always want to be touched kissed caressed and receive pleasure (this is sexual desire). But they dont seem to do the same to the male body (this is sexual attraction). I can believe women have sexual desire but not sexual attraction.

        I love women and I have all sensitive feelings towards my opposite gender.

        Sorry for my poor language

      • I am very sorry this has been your experience and you are suffering. It’s really important you get support in your life if you are feeling like hurting yourself please reach out to professionals in your area and call for support.

  3. Guy says:

    Its very much refreshing to see this from a woman.

    This made my day. As you have said yes men are afraid that they are not acceptable to women in many ways. Men feel they are acceptable to women only by way of being a provider (ofcourse in other words earning money), security and protectors. More than these nothing much men feel as accepted.

    Dear women – you dont how much men love you, want you and desire you. Men think many hours a day about women. See all the reservations, laws in favour of women, men spending on women and many other things all these are created by men. Men love you extremely.

    Thank you

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