Day 5 of 100 Days of Loving and Celebrating Being

Open heart discussion
Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with Christina Hansen, NYC Horse Carriage Driver, Johnathan Lee Iverson, Ring Master of The Greatest Show on Earth and Sandi Bachom, author and documentary film maker. We’re pictured here at one of NYC’s stables in the midst of an incredible discussion that was pure heart and soul.
The worlds that Christina, Johnathan and Sandi spoke of were incredible to witness from the voice of their passion. The conversation itself I will share as soon as it is available. What I will share is the awe of being in such a space of passion for animals, human community and the connection of the two. I was so moved and inspired by the conversation that unfolded.
Remembering innocence, unity and self kindness were just a few of the topics organically expressed. To me it’s discussions like this that bring possibility while inspire creation and community. Open heart discussion is food for the soul and vital expression of being.
Photo copyright Sandi Bachom:

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