Day 1 of 100 Days of Loving and Celebrating Being

Day 1 of 100 Days of Loving and Celebrating Being

Phoenix Rising.

Facing and conquering old ways of being feels in my body of facing detox from addiction. I have experienced both. Each time an old habit comes up it feels like becoming a dragon, fire breathing one, as my identity fights tooth and nail to survive.

However, the very essence of identity is cycle as phoenix. Born then die and rise fresh from the ashes.The ashes are necessary and beyond their time they are just lifeless remnants. Holding onto what is long dead does not fulfill my aliveness. To do so, I will never know what it is to experience the fullness of myself.

My life is to evolve. To be a part of the inevitable evolution that is being human. That is my very existence. And in this to savor the pristine infallible experience of my being while I enjoy the adventure of the very fallible, dramatic and alive experience of being human.

I have to choose life. I am alive and yet I need to choose it. Every day I need to choose it. Or, I will become complacent. Bored with it. Disgruntled. Lacking the gratitude it takes to experience the adventure life is, the adventure I am. What an incredible gift it is to be on this plane of existence and alive. Wow.

My Dragon will return and I love it. Not from a place of it is the ultimate, from a space of I love every part of who I am. When it returns my Phoenix will be waiting with open arms to listen, to accept and in this conquer by loving it as it bursts into rebirth. They are symbiotic. The Dragon’s fire urges rebirth as the Phoenix’s birth soothes the dragon. And the Dragon knows, even depends on, love wins, every time. The Dragon’s very surrender is a part of this love.




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