As I face my dreams eye to eye, unworthiness shows up in full garb. Stands as self appointed gate keeper. It takes work for me to look at it and say yes, I hear you. I love you, take my hand. I found it is self love that breathes me up from hell, self acceptance that can embrace my feelings of unworthy as a part of me just wanting to be loved. It’s with my shadow in hand I open my heart to myself.
Unabashed this is where I am as I face my dreams eye to eye. Knowing I am born worthy, knowing I am love, I am every dream I am seeking. I am the beauty I search for. Remembering here now I am my glory, I am the fullness of every treasure, the caress of lush petal, my own elixir, my greatest adventure, my most beautiful dance. I forget and I am here to remind me, I am whole right now.
Kristal Garcia

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