Day 98 of 100 Days of Loving Men


It can be easy for me to recall something painful that happened in my past. I can feel it clear as day as if it were in the moment. I know that feeling, the pain of it, the sadness, the body ache. For me to acknowledge that there is a man feeling this way, took work for me.

There is filter of separation I used to have regarding men. Where I could only see my pain, only see that I felt pain and felt justified in neglecting the reality that men were feeling the same.

How can it be possible to deny another human feels? Men have pain of course, they are human. A persons tears are beautiful as is their smile. It our unique expression of our experience.

I was confronted with the action of ‘lowering my shields’ so to speak. I spent so much time projecting onto men that they were not vulnerable but it was my lack of vulnerability of which I spoke. When I allowed myself to be vulnerable and open my heart, that is when I could allow myself the empathy of my fellow man.

Every human knows the experience of sadness, pain, dismay. What made me dismiss this obvious reality, was just my own filter of separation from which I looked at men. The only way through that ‘shielding’ is through an open heart. That’s the birth of empathy.




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