I think I can

The venue in which our event was scheduled has shut down. They cannot afford the rent hike. This is a shame for local theatre and artists and I feel for the venue owners.

If anyone knows of a venue that would either donate space that could hold a minimum of 75 seated people, or an affordable venue that is willing to work with us to make the event Loving and Celebrating Being a reality, please PM me.

I am in conversation with a possibility of a venue or options on venues. And I will keep looking, I’m not giving up.

The event date has now been changed to February 14th as February 7th is Super Bowl Sunday.

This conversation of Loving and Celebrating is so vital in our world and this event such an important powerful part of creating more spaces where this is heard. The love of self, the awe of self, being. The unity of gathering in awe of who we are and that everything really will be OK and is OK right now in this moment because for the very simple fact that we have the gift of life.

Every Monday I post a video on Loving and Celebrating Being and every Monday I lose subscribers. I know there is growth to it and I won’t stop posting the videos as they are true to my core and important to me. And I won’t lie as much as I joke about it, it is confronting to keep making videos in the face of that. And again, the videos are true for me so be it.

I have faith and I know when things like this happen, such as the venue situation, that this is when I really got to get into possibility and surrender and faith. It is challenging and I won’t lie, I am feeling deflated right now.

I won’t give up, this conversation is too important. I want to believe there is a want for this conversation to come forward, that people are dedicated to being a stand for this conversation. So many are a stand for the shows that are on TV right now that don’t nurture humanity, that don’t empower. I want to believe that there are those that really want to get into the raw and real reality of human, body, soul experience. That really want this conversation to come to the forefront. I am really hoping and doing my best to keep hoping.

I will not give up, I’ll keep working as hard to make this event real. It’s just so important. I will keep put-putting up that hill with my vision that this conversation can make it and be the difference I know it can be. Be the heart opening I know it can be, the vision of self seeing self and just being completely in awe with what is there. Because what is there in each person is awe-some. I see it and I deeply believe this. And I will be honest, right now this engine is low on steam.



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