Day 93 of 100 Days of Loving Men

Day 93- Random act of kindness

Daily I get random acts of kindness from men. Travelling the city with my daughter when we are on the train when there is one seat and I have my daughter sit, a man will without thought ask if I want the seat next to her or quickly get up. I’m good, I can stand so I’m not going to ask someone who was there before me to eject themselves for me. Even exhausted men I’ve seen offer this. I’ve been offered a seat when I’m on my own too, without my child. Just for being a woman I receive random acts of kindness from men and this doesn’t escape me. I have doors held for me and so on.

So as a thank you, I like to return the favor.

Today, why not do a random act of kindness for a man? If you have energy and are not exhausted yourself- selfcare is important – why not give up a seat for a man travelling the train after work? I’ve seen construction workers who must be exhausted in full gear with debris from the site still on them, a good sit would surely be welcome. Businessmen, delivery men, etc. A few minutes of rest and kindness makes a difference. Or holding the door.

Or…be creative! I would love to hear what random act of kindness you paid forward to a man today. Keep me posted!



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