My Kickstarter did not make it’s funding, but there is still a way to support the event!

The Kickstarter funding is complete and did not make it’s funding, however, thank you to those who did their best to share it around, I appreciate it!

Kickstarter may be over but there is still a way to support Kristal Belle Productions and the event ‘Loving and Celebrating Being’.

Here’s the breakdown of what is needed to ensure the event comes into production:

$300 is left towards securing the venue
$400 to cover insurance for the evening
$200 for 2 days of rehearsals

$80 for flyers and banner [also open to someone donating their time to create these and the tickets!]

Everything donated beyond that will go to other needs such as microphones, standing light, a camcorder to record the show, camera to take photos, flashlights, props and more. [also open to receiving any of these items as donation or a lend for the evening!

There is the option of becoming a Sponsor [Diamond, Gold, Silver or Bronze] or donating any amount you wish directly on my website via the PayPal donate button.

Everyone who donates will receive a link to view the full performance after the show! This is especially great for those who are not located in NYC. You can still be a part of the event. Your support ensures the event moves forward.

Thank you so much! I’m really looking forward to making this show happen and being a part of the conversation of loving self right here, right now, nothing to fix.

Much love,



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