Self Care for those curious about Tantra

I am sharing these vital words written from a dear friend of mine. For those exploring or seeking to explore Tantra please heed these words and take care of yourself. I have personally seen the repercussions of the fallout of this:

Written by Lauren Nicole Garceau-

“Dear friends, family and community

Are you able to distinguish for yourselves what is authentic healing energy? YES you are! All of us have the ability to feel for when we are in an authentic healing situation.

There is rampant situations here on fb, as with all areas in all social media, where people are stepping into the sexuality and emotional vulnerabilities of others, masked often by illusions of self declared healers. These representations are often called …light workers, healers, life coaches and the top number one is the rampant and growing online seminars of the TANTRIC healers. People with no formal education representing themselves and inserting themselves in your most intimate lives.

The possibility of an ending with painful cyber infiltration into our homes, bedrooms and outer community can have serious results ending in serious damage. There are many men and women who have had social network cyber trauma.

When these humans take the position of leader who have greater knowledge as spiritualists, sexual guides etc, these humans hold themselves safely in a place of control.

Everyone’s path is a healing path and very often what is a very blessed situation can be a situation of inauthenticity. There are many here on fb un credentialed and self declared. Often these are the very ones who are in the highest need for their own healing transformation.

There is also a big industry in workshops that are rampantly being offered.

So YES, my dear friends you can listen to your instincts and practice self care by asking questions that will help identify a healthy wonderful authentic situation from
one that is simply unhealthy.

Practice self care and trust your own ability to know your feelings, needs and requests.

Sincere love,

Please take care of you and trust yourself and your instincts. If it feels off, trust that.


One thought on “Self Care for those curious about Tantra

  1. Thomas Hochgesang says:

    Dear Kristal, can you drop me a line about that via e-mail to ? Highly appreciated! Love and Freedom, Thomas

    PS: We recently were talking about meeting us in London this summer…

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