Addiction is often not addressed for what it is. It is the lack of relationship to emotions. To treat an addiction is often solely looked at through the mental when the deep work is in the emotional, in the body. I found my addictions come up mostly when I want to run from pain.
I wanted to run because I had no relationship with pain, to me it was still a frightening stranger. I am finding the triumph over addiction is not so elaborate a process as I thought it was, though it is hard work and a challenge.
The triumph is saying hello to pain, welcoming and allowing it, listening to what it tells me, bonding with it. In commitment to relationships there is no running, same with my relationship to pain. I will not abandon it to an affair with an addiction. It is in this relationship to pain that I learn to self care. It is through self care that I remember I am worthy of my own love and that I am love itself. Pain teaches me to be gentle with myself. I am grateful.
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