I just want to say fuck it
Tuck my feminine energy in the arms of my masculine and say
No, you don’t get to see my feminine
I give up
Let his arms hold and console me
My tears against his strong arms
His hands warm through my hair
My grip on him as I just cry into his chest

I feel my masculine want to do the same into the arms of my feminine
Just stop trying
Stop trying to be heard
Stop trying to be seen
Stop having to fight just to say ‘me too’
I feel his body limp in my embrace as his tears roll down my chin

I feel them
I feel me
I feel the want to implode
Tired of being a super nova
Wishing for the release of black hole

There is that deep inside
My shadow and it’s host demand attention
You don’t get to give up.
In their clearing there is the song on loop eternal within

The lyrics have no meaning yet mean the very seam of ancient ballad
The song no sound and every note
Embrace of tears becomes dance

Choreography pulls this wreckage
This triumph
This sliver and expanse of exist
Into the thump thumping of bass
Into the yawning of violin
As it cries out
Just keep going.
Hell sings in moments and in it’s choir is the voice of Heaven.


Embrace_scan, 6/26/71, 11:44 PM, 8C, 7818×10316 (180+72), 100%, Default Settin, 1/12 s, R87.0, G41.9, B55.4


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