The Global Wolf Pack

I want to talk about ethnic pride:

  • Nothing wrong with ethnic pride and cultural pride
  • There is a fine line between being proud and just hating everyone who isn’t one’s ethnicity or one who doesn’t belong to one’s culture
  • Being proud of one’s ethnicity and culture can enrich all of humanity if the core of it is discovery, especially self discovery [these are my roots, these are the amazing things my culture has brought to the world] with intention of self love
  • Ethnic pride as a way of saying I love how I look, self love, cultural pride entwined in this as in ‘I want to pass down these amazing traditions from the culture I was born into’

Those are all wonderful things, however, when the fine line is crossed it shifts into:

  • Hating, blaming, shaming and being suspicious of everyone that is not one’s culture or ethnicity
  • This turns into hate groups, nazi’s, black panthers for example and terrorists, which actually those two groups are also terrorists by very definition

The very core of every single human being is innocence and love. When an individual forgets their core being as is innocence and love, the individual, from my experience, decides to prove they are not worthy of being loved. People can go through deep pain, devastation, left feeling unable to create what they need or want in their life. Facing ways of living that no human should have to live, in exhaustion, they start looking for a place to belong. Feeling ostracized from humanity they are trying hard to find a reason for their lives, trying to remind themselves they have some worth and seek human connection.

Nearly every human being wants to connect with another human being. Unfortunately, when ethnic pride gets shifted into superiority/inferiority [as they are flip sides of the same coin one cannot exist without the other]. Violence begins. There is no violence without feelings of inferiority. Superiority is just inflated inferiority. There would be no need to prove superiority if there wasn’t the root of inferiority to begin with.

So, now there is a human being, in pain, devastation, doing everything in their power to survive who reaches out to another [or others] in this space. This can be the basis of a healthy reunion such as when people reach out to Yoga groups, or meditation groups when in this deep devastation. Or, the magnet can be hatred. Love or hatred. Hatred is not the opposite of love by the way, indifference is. To hate, one has to have some form of deep love first, however, it is buried deep and denied with pain and fear.

Humans inherently love each other. We just do, it’s our very core, our very nature to love, it is what we are- we are love.

Hatred is a very inauthentic way of being. Underneath hatred is love itself. To live in hatred is inauthentic. Inauthenticity can absolutely feed violence and separation.

Returning to the groups I mentioned, those with core of love and hate, the group with the nucleus of authenticity, love, will support transmutation of pain, fear, hate, into love/self love. At the core of every unrest is the fuel to remember loving self, loving our own being and in this loving each other.

Now, if the group is not authentic and does not know how to reach that authenticity, the hatred, pain, fear cannot transmute. Now there is nothing wrong with the emotions of fear, pain or anger, they are very beautiful each emotion is powerful and potent. Like elixirs just waiting to bring their part of the potion into the transmutation process of remembering. Remembering that at our very core we are love. It’s just authentic.

Now this doesn’t mean that the groups with the nucleus of authenticity will not experience inauthenticity, it just means there is awareness and kindness with self in these moments. An allowance of the process to do it’s work and return to the center focus of the authenticity that is love.

However, without that center focus, or if that center focus is inauthenticity, all it will know to return to (even through moments of clarity) is the inauthenticity. It will battle any moments of clarity. It will battle connection and remembering of the authenticity of love because it is focused on it’s intention, its nucleus. So it can only be what the core focus is. It has to protect the nucleus. The moments of clarity will seem like moments of weakness, or temporary insanity that does not fit the due course of the group, it will be seen as a threat that needs to be eliminated to protect the nucleus.

I see the world as a Global Wolf Pack. Some people may have their trepidation about using wolves as an example, I love them they are amazing creatures. What I love about them is they operate as individuals in their pack. They need their individuality to strengthen the pack. They go off as individual beings and learn what they need to learn for as long as they need. When they return they share their findings with each other. Their family, their pack is vital and very important. The individual is not seen as a hindrance nor a threat to the pack, it is a strength as they use their individuality as a way to learn and connect and strengthen their family.

I see humanity in this way. Every ethnicity, every culture, every individual, is a wolf. A wolf that brings with it back to the pack beautiful, powerful, awesome things that strengthen us as a whole. When the focus is that we are a global pack, we are all family on this planet, in this solar system in infinite space, we work as one, we enrich each other. There is no threat from ethnic variations, cultural variations they are vital for our growth as a species as we continue to evolve as human beings.

I am proud of being Black and Puerto Rican. I love my skin color, hair, I love being a woman. I embrace me, I love me. And I am none of those things. I am not black, I am not Puerto Rican, I am not a woman. These are things I was born with, I love them all, they are beautiful and I celebrate them all as I celebrate me. AND what I am is a soul, in a body that holds eternity connected with each and every other expression of eternity- You. I am mortal and infinite as is every being here. And THAT is amazing. This body holds ancient particles of star dust. We are Big Bang offspring. Spawn of space.

Here we are. Corporeal experiences of infinity poured into being. Born into Heaven. This planet is Heaven. I mean look at the amazing resources and as humans what we’ve been able to create and continue to create is ASTOUNDING! Right in our being, in our body is everything we need to know, whispering to us every day through gut feelings or “coincidences”. Every connection needed is innately within each and every one of us.

If you’re feeling lonely just know you never are, the universe is right inside of you always. And the universe is smiling at you and saying hello to you as they walk past you on the street.

I know there will come a time where no human will ever have to feel lack, ostracized, and that all begins with the individual hero’s journey inside. Every single being is a hero on their own personal adventure in reconnecting with the reality that we are limitless. No one can ostracize the universe. It is not possible.

If hatred is present, OK, nothing wrong with that. It’s what we do with it that changes the world. We can use that prima materia and get really deep into the authentic stream of molten gold within, or avoid it at all costs and choose to forget who we really are and feed the inauthentic nucleus.


The beauty is no matter what, we each have the vibrant power of choice.

I love you and Go Team Human!


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